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Indefinite Detention of Julian #Assange – Open letter to the Australian government

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Dear Australian Supporters of Wikileaks, Would you consider joining John Pilger and other concerned citizens in signing this Open Letter to the Australian government in relation to the ongoing indefinite detention without charge of Julian Assange? The letter will be … Continue reading

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John Pilger, James Cogan and others Speak at Free Julian #Assange Rally – Sydney Town Hall – 17th June 2018

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The Fight to Free Julian #Assange is a question of political principal – The James Cogan interview

The Fight to Free Julian #Assange is a question of political principal, listen to the James Cogan interview ahead of the Sydney rally on Sunday 17/06/2018   In the meanwhile, the solidarity with Julian Assange continues outside the Ecuadorian Embassy … Continue reading

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New Postcard Campaign in support of #WikiLeaks’ Julian #Assange

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Dear friends We cannot stress enough the importance of solidarity and taking action in support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks at such difficult times they currently face. As if it is not bad enough to be arbitrarily detained by the … Continue reading

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Vigil Call out: 6 Embassy Years for #WikiLeaks’ Julian #Assange on 19/06/2018 btw 6 – 8pm

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For our Facebook Event Page please visit: Bob Marley has said it all before, “Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up for your rights, Get Up Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight” and this is how civil society makes … Continue reading

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Hyde Park Join Free Speech Action in support of Julian #Assange #WikiLeaks

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From Ciaron O’Reilly: LONDON CALLOUT – Sunday April 15th. 11am-3pm Speak out for Julian Assange, Hyde Park Speakers Corner, London Sunday April 15th 11am -3pm *Hyde Park Speakers Corner, #London *Solidarity speak out against the silencing of Julian #Assange #ReconnectJulian … Continue reading

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Letter to London Mayor #SadiqKhan in support of Julian #Assange of #WikiLeaks

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On Wednesday 11th of April 2018 a group of supporters visited the London City Hall and delivered a letter for the London Mayor Sadiq Khan in support of JUlian Assange and asked him to intervene in resolving this diplomatic and … Continue reading

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Assange’s Free Speech is our Free Speech #ReconnectJulian #Assange

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It is more than a week that Ecuador suspended Julian Assange’s internet access, and denied him visitors. Both online and offline WikiLeaks supporters have rallied at his defence. An Online Solidarity vigil amassed an array of activists and supporters speaking up … Continue reading

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Irish Solidarity with War Resisters and #WikiLeaks Julian #Assange – Report by @CiaronOReilly

Many Thanks to Ciaron O’Reilly reporting from Dublin. Watch the video (10 mins) with Harry Browne speaking at Dublin Solidarity with Irish War Resisters & WikiLeaks Julian Assange. Approx 40 folks gathered in Dublin last Wednesday (Feb 21st.) in solidarity … Continue reading

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A good start in 2018 Solidarity for #WikiLeaks, Julian #Assange

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Women Whistleblowing WikiLeaks On the 22nd January 2018 a contingency of the solidarity vigil had the pleasure of joining the book launch of ‘Women Whistleblowing WikiLeaks’ by Sarah Harrison, Renata Avila, Angela Richter at the Frontline Club. The discussion was … Continue reading

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