Human Rights Lawyer Gareth Peirce on Bradley Manning

This 12 minute video was recorded by Human Rights Lawyer Gareth Peirce for the Bradley Manning public meeting at Giuseppe Conlon Hall in London on Sunday 17 April 2011 which she was unfortunately unable to attend in person. Gareth comments on Bradley Manning’s torturous detention conditions at Quantico, which are common in US ‘Supermax’ prisons, and the physical and psychological damage caused to inmates held in long term solitary confinement. She makes it clear that this is an issue for Britain as well as the US, referring to the treatment of Gerry Conlon, Giuseppe’s son, who was held largely in solitary confinement for 12 years in England for continuing to protest his (subsequently proven) innocence of involvement in the Guildford pub bombings. Gareth also points out Britain’s complicity in the unlawful removal of British citizens and residents to Guantánamo where many have been held without trial for years in inhumane conditions.

Watch the video here:

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