24 May – Public Meeting in House of Commons

The case of Bradley Manning: Hero, enemy of the state, information champion, victim?

Tues 24 May 2011, 6 – 7.30pm in the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons. Entry via Portcullis House

Public Meeting. Free entry. Everyone welcome.

Manning has yet to face trial, but when he does it will be in a US Court Martial.

  • Can Manning receive a fair trial in the military courts system?
  • What should our attitude be towards the charges levelled against Manning?
  • What has been the effect of the WikiLeaks disclosures?
  • What role did the disclosures play in the Arab Spring revolutions?
  • What does the treatment of Manning say about the United States’ attitude to whistle-blowers?

The panel will consist of Ann Clwyd MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Rights and supporter of the Iraq War; David Leigh, The Guardian; Emily Butselaar, Index on Censorship.

This meeting will take place on the eve of President Barack Obama’s state address to both Houses of Parliament.

More information here.

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1 Response to 24 May – Public Meeting in House of Commons

  1. Deirdre Balaam says:

    (Note: I didn’t receive your email in time to make a comment before the meeting.) Before, during, and after the Iraq war that Bush Jnr and Blair imposed upon that nation and (note) ‘planned’ well before 11 September, there were almost nothing but lies in the information the general public received. The mealy-mouthed media went along with the lies, propagating and reinforcing them. So thousands if not millions of people were involved in putting out this universe of lies.
    There were no WMD held by the Iraqis at the time of the invasion of Iraq (in fact, the allies used their WMD against the Iraqi people – anyone invading the US or UK to stop their future use? The US and British governments deliberately lied, their spies lied. Soldiers were not given the right kit and training for their tasks. War crimes carried out by the allied invaders were and are known about, but nobody did or does anything much about it. Until – along comes Wikileaks, partly disclosing the truth (we’ll probably never know it all). And Bradley Manning gets censured and virtually tortured (by the liars) for allegedly pulling back a corner of the filthy curtain of ‘disinformation’. He is now to be paraded before the shameless liars in a court-martial, probably unfit, brain-mangled, demeaned . . . but neatly and hastily being put back into some sort of shape (appearances only) before this happens. Reminds me of Communist tactics. The shameless liars will lie in court, or will bend the truth, or will bend Manning’s truth, whatever, so if Manning is found ‘guilty’, we know exactly who the guilty ones are. They are the liars and corrupters who have now caused the western world to fear for its life at every venue; they are the liars and corrupters who have brought ongoing terrorism to our shores. I salute Wikileaks, and Bradley Manning if indeed he is involved. There are not enough of such people around and one can see why: the hell they are given and vengeance heaped upon their heads by liars and corrupters, aided and abetted by most of the media. So we, the general public, continue to live on, mostly in a mist of ignorant darkness.

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