Supporting Whistle-blowers: Where is the Peace Movement?

Genny Bove writes for Peace News Log about Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and whistle-blowing in general.

“I was asked to write a short piece about what I was doing on 6 June, the occasion of Peace News’ 75th birthday.

“As it happened, I was putting together this flyer that day. Here’s the article I wrote: Peace News Log: Happy 75th Birthday!


It seems to me that Assange and Manning deserve the thanks and unstinting support of the Peace Movement. Where is everyone? The WikiLeaks disclosures are all about war and empire, power and lies. From the ‘Collateral Murder’ video footage to the military use of Shannon Airport by the US; from safety concerns about Fukushima to war for oil in Libya, they shine a bright light in the dark corners.”

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