Vigil for Michael Lyons: 6 August

Solidarity Vigil for jailed war resister to be held in Colchester

Saturday 6 August, 3 – 5pm

British Navy Medic Michael Lyons is serving 7 months detention at Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) after he applied for conscientious objector status (which was later refused) and subsequent to this application refused to take part in rifle training. Michael Lyons stated at his court martial that he had been influenced by information on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq disclosed by WikiLeaks, material which Bradley Manning is accused of leaking:

“My initial objections started with Afghanistan and I wanted to investigate the reasons why we were at war. At the time WikiLeaks came along and mentioned Iraq and Afghanistan. The reports said there had been some civilian casualties that nobody knew about and they were being covered up.”

Show your support and solidarity for Michael Lyons and military resisters everywhere by attending this event:

Vigil in Solidarity with Military Resister Michael Lyons. End the War on Afghanistan!

Date: Saturday 6 August, from 3 – 5pm.

Venue: Military Corrective Training Centre, Berechurch Hall Rd, Colchester CO2 9MU. The vigil will be held at the junction with Stoneacre Road at the entrance to the military detention facility.

Those attending the Vigil will include Afghan Combat Veteran Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace, Ciaron O’Reilly of Plowshares and London Catholic Worker and Stefan, local anti-war activist.

For more information about the Vigil, contact:
Ciaron: phone – 07939 290576 or email or
Stefan: phone – 07593 771975 or email.

To find out more about solidarity with Military Resisters, see War Resisters’ International and Courage to Resist websites.

If you aren’t able to attend the Vigil, you can write to Michael Lyons. Prisoners really appreciate letters of support. The prison experience is designed to demoralise, disempower and dehumanise inmates. Knowing there are people out there who care about you and support you is a powerful antidote to this.

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