Sat 17th December from 2pm, US Embassy London, Rally for Bradley Manning

Free Bradley Manning! End the Wars!

Saturday 17 December, from 2pm at the US Embassy in London. Closest tube is Bond Street.

[Summary of WISE area actions for Bradley Manning on 17 Dec here.]


Read reports from March 2011 rally for Bradley Manning at the US Embassy here.

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Bradley Manning, a US Army intelligence analyst, faces life in prison for allegedly sharing the ‘collateral murder’ video of a US helicopter attack that killed 11 civilians and seriously wounded two children in Baghdad, Iraq with the WikiLeaks website. The footage, which can be viewed here had been withheld by the US military from those trying to discover the truth about the attacks.

Bradley Manning is being detained on suspicion of blowing the whistle on the Empire’s nefarious activities, by disclosing the ‘collateral murder’ video, the ‘Iraq War Logs’, the ‘Afghan Diaries’, the ‘Guantanamo Files’ and hundreds of thousands of embarrassing and revealing US State Department cables. In short, he’s been charged with telling the truth!

Bradley, who spent his teenage years in Wales, has been tortured in US military custody. He has been detained by the US for the past 18 months since his arrest in Baghdad. His military tribunal pre-trial hearing begins on Friday 16 December at Fort Meade, Maryland, USA.

This solidarity event outside the US Embassy in London will be on Bradley’s 24th birthday and the day after the pre-trial hearing starts. 17 December has been called as an international day of solidarity – a day that many of his supporters will gather outside Fort Meade and US embassies worldwide. We invite you to join us in London to demand FREEDOM FOR BRADLEY MANNING and an END TO THE WARS!

If you can’t make it to London, we encourage you to hold a solidarity vigil for Bradley at your closest US embassy or military base or installation involved in the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, or wherever you can.


* More details of the London embassy demonstration to be released in the coming weeks.

* More information on the Bradley Manning case and solidarity in the US can be found here.

* For more information on the Dec 17th London embassy demonstration, contact Ciaron or call 079 392 90576.

This event is supported by London Catholic Worker, Veterans for Peace and WISE up for Bradley Manning.

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