24 April, Cardiff: Film screening and discussion – ‘Incident in New Baghdad’

Special Sneak Preview screening of Jim Spione’s Oscar nominated short documentary Incident in New Baghdad, the 2007 attack from a US Apache helicopter on civilians including two Reuters journalists known as Collateral Murder that was brought to the attention of the world by WikiLeaks and that Bradley Manning is accused of leaking. In this film, the incident is considered from the point of view of Ethan McCord, then a US soldier, who rescued two injured children from a destroyed van. Discussion after the film.

When: Tuesday 24 April 2012, from 7pm.

Where: Committee Room 1, Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3WT.

Free entry. All welcome.

This is a joint meeting of and will be jointly chaired by UNA Cardiff and District and CND Cymru and is sponsored by Cardiff University Centre for Applied Ethics. The meeting will be opened by Côr Cochion Caerdydd. See the listing in Upcoming Events for a map.

Download the English poster for this event here (colour).
Download the Welsh poster for this event here (colour).

Other download options:

Download the English poster for this event here (black and white).
Download the Welsh poster for this event here (black and white).
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Download the Welsh ‘economy printing’ poster for this event here (black and white).

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6 Responses to 24 April, Cardiff: Film screening and discussion – ‘Incident in New Baghdad’

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  3. Richard Carter says:

    I don’t know of anywhere definite, but possibilities might include the Frontline Club (events@frontlineclub.com), Stop the War (office@stopwar.org.uk) and Justice Not Vengeance (info@j-n-v.org).

  4. wiseupwales says:

    Yes, the Director Jim Spione will probably be in London in May/June and there should be an opportunity to organise film screenings/speaker events with him. So if you know of an organisation that might be interested in hosting such an event, contact Jim at morninglightfilms@msn.com.

  5. Richard Carter says:

    Any chance of a showing of Jim Spione’s film in London?

    Incidentally, for a truly vomit-inducing read, try this heap of sh*te, from Obama no less, praising to the skies the US intervention in Iraq: http://warisacrime.org/​content/obama-declares-war-​iraq-honorable-success-2-​weeks-early-april-fools-day

    A more realistic account can be found here: http://www.wideasleepinamerica.com/2012/03/american-morlocks-another-civilian.html

  6. Torvus says:

    This ‘incident’ (this is what we call multiple murder these days?) was what first alerted me to the shocking psychotic behaviour of some members of the US forces, and I thanked the heavens for Bradley Manning. There have been many other shocking ‘incidents’ since, but Bradley Manning raised my sensitivities to what was going on in actions that were supposedly to promote ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, ha ha. I have watched BBC2’s ‘Wikileaks: the secrets of a superpower’ (Part 1) in which Bradley and Wikileaks were linked, and quite frankly can see no reason to call Bradley a traitor, as one vicious interviewee commented. Bradley enlightened. He showed us the real world, a contrast to the make-believe that is usually foisted upon us minions. If the sanctimonious pestilential jellyfish called The So-Called-Free Press printed the cables that came into their hands, why are they not indicted too? They need not have published any of them. Full marks that they did publish, initially. Zeros for cowardly back-pedalling. Seeing and hearing the ‘incident’ in New Baghdad makes you very conscious of who the real heros are – who you want to cheer and give a medal to. It sure ain’t those who, yellow to the core, shot at sitting ducks, nor to those who supported those cowards after the event by doing, er, precisely nothing. Bradley, if I may so put it, is the Galileo of Intelligence. Yes, a GI First Class.

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