Wed 30 May: Call Out for Solidarity – Julian Assange Supreme Court Verdict Due

Join the solidarity vigil outside the Supreme Court

30 May from 8am Map here.

Julian is appearing at the Supreme Court in London on 30 May 2012.
The verdict on Julian’s appeal against extradition to Sweden is due to be handed down in the morning. London Catholic Worker & Veterans for Peace UK are co-ordinating a vigil outside the court.

Report from previous vigil at the Supreme Court with background information here.

Timings for Wednesday 30 May

07.30 – LCW & VFP Arrive at Supreme Court and set up visuals

08.00 – Vigil in place

09.15 – Verdict announced

End time will be determined by the verdict and what happens to Julian.

RSVP – Ben Griffin.

CALL – Ben: 07866 559 312


Julian has not been charged with any offence in the UK or Sweden.

Our governments would rather people didn’t know about the murder, torture and destruction that is carried out by their armed forces. Julian Assange is responsible for the publication of The Iraq War Logs, The Afghan War Diaries, Cablegate and the Collateral Murder footage. The information contained within these publications has shown the public the true nature of war.

Veterans for Peace UK
London Catholic Worker

See also the announcement on the Supreme Court website.

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