6 June: Solidarity Vigil for Bradley Manning in Brisbane

Organised by London Catholic Worker Abroad
Ciaron O’Reilly

Wednesday 6 June, 4pm – 6pm at the Supreme Court, George St., Brisbane.

RSVP ciaronx@yahoo.com
Ph. or text 04211 536 45


Bradley Manning appears in front of a military tribunal this week Wed 6 June – Fri 8 June for a pre-trial hearing. When they take Bradley to the military court, we should consider hitting the streets!

His full court martial date is presently set for 21 September. He faces 23 charges, one that carries the death penalty, accused of releasing footage of a U.S. war crime in Iraq.


Solidarity activists will be inside the court with Bradley and outside Ft. Meade, Maryland, U.S. More info here.

Solidarity vigils are also planned in other U.S. cities, London and Chester, England and the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Gold Coast vigil will be outside the office of local Federal MP Steven Ciobo, 67 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island – that’s just a few minutes walk west over the bridge from Chevron Renaissance in Surfers Paradise.


4pm – 6pm Wednesday 6 June.
There will be circle of reflection at some point with a reading of the names of the dead, music and speeches at a time yet to be determined.


We will establish a shrine in memory of the war dead at the Scales of Justice statue. We will also decorate with images of the war dead, of Bradley Manning, one of Julian Assange and other jailed war resisters.

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