8 June: Solidarity for Bradley Manning – Exeter

Read the full press release here.

Photo by Graham Hobbs.

What would YOU do…?
If you saw terrible things, awful things that belong in the public domain?

(words attributed to Bradley Manning – May 2010)

If you are concerned about PEACE and JUSTICE in the world –

JOIN US at the Cathedral War Memorial in EXETER at 2.30 on FRIDAY 8th June (Devon County War Memorial, 10 Cathedral Yard, Exeter, Devon EX4 3DU)

in solidarity with BRADLEY MANNING, the US soldier and Welsh schoolboy accused of revealing ‘awful things’ to the public in the hope of provoking change, now being court martialed in the USA. 6th – 8th JUNE is the date of his next court appearance.

Supporters of Bradley will also be joined by The Molino Group, whose play, ‘Desert’, based on Bradley’s case, will be performed in Exeter at The Bike Shed Theatre, Fore St, on Thurs 21st, Fri 22nd, and Sat 23rd JUNE at 7.30 and on Sat 23rd also at 2.00.

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4 Responses to 8 June: Solidarity for Bradley Manning – Exeter

  1. Robert says:

    Any plans for 2013 as June 1 and the court martial approaches?

    • wiseupwest says:

      Do you mean in Exeter, Robert?

      If so, what is going on there (in a residency from 21st May to 1st June at the Bike Shed Theatre) is a play by the Molino Group about Brad called ‘Desert’. More about their perspective here.

      Although we are concentrating on getting as many people up to London as possible, the Molino Group themselves were wanting to do something to mark SAT 1st June in Exeter and I suggest you get in touch @molinogroup or if not on twitter, email us on yzup@ymail.com and I will forward.

      • Robert says:

        Thanks! I’d love to get along to London, but it’s not looking awfully promising . . . I’ll follow up these leads, however – cheers

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