Themis Rendered After Tipping the Scales for Manning & Assange

Demanding Obama be Put on Trial for Torture & Assassination

Extracts below. Follow this link to read the full report.

by our man in Oz Ciaron O’Reilly (below, left)
of London Catholic Worker, presently in Brisbane.

“Bradley Manning Remains in Chains for Us, We Remain on the Loose for Him!”

Background on the persecution of Bradley Manning

On June 6, 7 & 8, the U.S. government once again brought Bradley Manning in front of the military tribunal star chamber at Ft. Meade, Maryland USA. A two year process since Bradley’s arrest in Baghdad that remains an affront to all standards of natural justice and human decency. Bradley’s humanity and the solidarity of family, friends and strangers is the hope for the human family living through the death throes of the deadliest and most extensive empire known in human history.

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With few honourable exceptions, the housebroken silence of the media, church, academe, peace movement, beauracrats, legal and artist communities in relation to the persecution of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange is a self condemnation.

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6 June: Solidarity for Bradley Manning at the Supreme Court, Brisbane, Australia

On June 6th, as Bradley appeared once again before a Military Tribunal at Ft. Meade, we gathered outside the Supreme Court in Brisbane next to the statue of Themis the Greek Goddess of Justice.

We were 12 in number. We comprised of seven Catholic Workers, an Orthodox priest, a Josephite nun, an Australian Army veteran, an Irish Republican and a 12 year old Cathedral choir boy.

We transformed Themis into a shrine for the victims of the U.S. led (Australian and British supported) wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. We employed a pair of combat boots, a traditional Afghan hat along with images of the torturer Obama and the persecuted Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

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Follow this link to read the full report.

Thanks to Damian Le Goullon for the photos.

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