Banner drops for Bradley Manning in Liverpool

by Genny Bove.

I found myself in Liverpool again yesterday, as the court cases against anti-war Census Refusers grind on, or in this case get adjourned again. There had been a gas leak at the Dale Street Magistrates Court and the courts were in even more chaos than usual. We were redirected to Victoria Street Magistrates and thence to the Crown Court across the city, but the courts hadn’t considered the difficulty this would cause defendants with mobility impairments and, after a couple of phone calls, we were informed that Sarah’s case had been adjourned for three weeks. It would have been adjourned in any case because there’s a Crown Court Judgment pending, or at least the written reasons for the judgment, and it would have made more sense for the defendants to have been told not to bother attending, but there you go.

So here I was in Liverpool, with time to spare, and a couple of banners in my rucksack. These banner drops were planned for last Friday, 8 June, to tie in with the last day of Bradley’s court hearing at Fort Meade, but the weather that day had been appalling and the plan abandoned. Still, better late than never.

The photos were taken over a couple of hours in two locations: outside the John Moores University above a busy road junction and at the docks alongside the main dock road. I also enlisted the help of a couple of Dutch tourists, having a few days up north before heading to London and the Globe Theatre, to get a photo of the banner in front of the landmark Liver Building. I’m shocked at how many people still ask ‘Who’s Bradley Manning?’

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