Occupy Berkeley Knit-in send hats and scarves to WISE Up network

Knit-in at the Sit-in

Occupy Berkeley, California, have a regular ‘Knit-in’ where they knit hats and scarves for activists in cold places

  • to show solidarity, through our knitted gifts, with others working for the goals of the occupy movement
  • to establish lines of communication with other occupy groups
  • to occupy public space in a peaceful, productive way
  • to maintain the visibility of Occupy Berkeley and show the vigor of our movement in the wake of many camps being dismantled
  • to encourage and enjoy interesting conversation
  • to practice and celebrate textile crafts that have brought beauty and warmth to people’s lives for millennia

The group recently took part in the Bradley Manning contingent of San Fransisco Pride with this banner knitted by group member Catherine out of old tarp strips:

Hats and Scarves for WISE Up activists

Previous recipients of the group’s knitted goods include Occupy DC and Occupy Newfoundland, women activists in Cairo and anti-nuclear protesters in Fukushima.

Occupy Knit-In contacted us a while ago to ask if Bradley Manning supporters over here would be able to use hats and scarves. At that time I was more optimistic about a decent summer and replied that we would be grateful to have them, but probably wouldn’t use them until the winter. I was wrong.

The box arrived a few weeks back, including a hat with ‘stars and stripes’ that we’ve been asked to pass on to a member of Brad’s family and will do in the Autumn.

It was so wet and miserable during our solidarity action for Brad in Wrexham on 16 July that we used the hats regardless of it being middle of summer and were very glad of them.

Others will be taken to London for Bradley Manning supporters there.
Big thanks to Occupy Knit-in for your solidarity.

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