New flyer for Bradley Manning

This blog is now using the url although all previous links to will still work.

Although originally focusing on Bradley Manning, members of our network have been taking action in solidarity with Julian Assange from the outset, as well as with others – English war resister Michael Lyons for example. WISE refers to our Welsh, Irish, English and Scottish connections and this blog will continue to report on our activities. We hope that our reports inspire and encourage others to get involved in solidarity work, wherever you may be.

We have a new flyer design that we’ll be printing as double-sided cards for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. This is the side for Brad.

The side for Julian is here.

Please feel free to print some yourself. Donations towards printing costs welcome.

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2 Responses to New flyer for Bradley Manning

  1. Really nice handout campaign. I continue to get new ideas from you folks. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
    Bart, Oregon, USA

  2. wiseupforbm says:

    Cheers Bart. We find Veterans for Peace inspiring!
    The first batch of these postcards were handed out in Liverpool on 9 August.

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