“Save human rights whistleblower Bradley Manning” – Avaaz petition

Update: 13 August 2012

Read more about the unlawful pretrial punishment of Bradley Manning here and here.

Call on Judge Lind to acknowledge the outrageous government conduct in Bradley’s case, and dismiss the charges against him, and tell President Obama to pardon him in the event of any conviction!

Click here to read more and sign the Avaaz petition, created by Bradley’s supporters.

Bradley Manning’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination has worldwide support because the information he is accused of releasing to the public has uncovered human rights abuses and corruption, and contributed to peace and democracy. Nobel Laureates like President Obama shouldn’t send Nobel Nominees to prison for life! After more than 2 years of pre-trial imprisonment by the US military, and outrageous govt conduct, it is time to drop the charges and free Bradley Manning!

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