Solidarity messages on display 24/7 for Julian Assange

ALERT: WikiLeaks is asking people to be on the alert ready to converge on the embassy if an announcement is made, which could be soon. Read the alert here.

Display of solidarity

While I was at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London yesterday, I spent a bit of time photographing the placards and banners on the barriers in the press pen that has been used as vigil space this last few weeks since the vigil was moved from directly outside the embassy. Most of the display seems to have stood up to the weather and is still readable.

In recognition of all the love, care and concern that has moved people to add their own messages, print out posters, make banners and share their thoughts, here’s a photographic tribute and a lasting record.

Still room for a few more messages!

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3 Responses to Solidarity messages on display 24/7 for Julian Assange

  1. Paul Dva says:

    Wonderful wonderful… a bit of hope here. It’s the scum at the top we’ve got to get rid of!

  2. cissy says:

    Manning and Assange are heroes, not crooks!! Freedom of speach and freedom for Bradley and Julian!

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