Solidarity in Cardiff with Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Palestine

by John Harris

We shared a stall on Queen Street in Cardiff on Saturday 15th September with Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign (also here for those on facebook). Several people were interested in the Support Bradley campaign in Wales. A few people who are clued in about both Bradley and Julian stopped by too, and quite a few who had a vague idea or none at all, and now know a little more.

Getting the word out so that more and more people are aware and alert – so the Americans can’t do anything much without finding that most of the world knows by the next day – is one of the best ways of keeping them in check. They are their own worst enemy with their very un-Reverend Joneses, YouTube videos and desecration of corpses, and that big headache that just won’t go away, Guantanamo Bay, where another detainee has just recently died. Almost everything they do comes back to haunt them and they are constantly having to put out fires they start themselves.

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