Assange Vigil three months on: update

Around a dozen people were able to make their way to Hans Crescent during the afternoon of Wednesday 19th September to mark the third month of Julian Assange’s entry into the Ecuadorian embassy.

The milestone was low-key, but helped to reaffirm solidarity for Julian and prompted reflection on events that had taken place during the summer. Many felt that the time had passed quickly for those of us participating in the on-going vigil, but we naturally pondered how day-to-day life might be for Julian and how his health and well-being might be affected by another spell of extended confinement.

While the diplomatic deadlock in Julian’s case continues, so his existence remains curtailed, his liberty and livelihood under attack. These three months of course follow the previous eighteen months of detention, then restriction, and the simultaneous financial blockade of WikiLeaks as an organisation. This on-going situation will naturally suit those who seek to punish Assange and WikiLeaks, and one has to question the lack of genuine effort from Sweden to end the hiatus. Even this week, Ecuador’s mooting of the possibility of transferring Julian to its Stockholm mission, to facilitate questioning while maintaining asylum conditions, was arrogantly dismissed as absurd by inscrutable prosecution lawyer, Claes Borgstrom.

The UK’s silence also continues, although it has now been confirmed by Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Patino that he will meet with Wiiliam Hague to discuss the situation in New York on Thursday 27th September.

Back opposite the Ecuadorian embassy, the police also appear to be prepared for a protracted stay, as this intriguing vehicle arrived this week. The large numbers of TSG police have now gone however and relations with those on vigil are relaxed.

A visible presence for Julian continues each day. The vigil has evolved and has changed throughout the last three months. The extended nature of the action naturally means that people come and go and attend as and when they are able. There are daily stalwarts living nearby, some who devote their weekends and others who simply pop by if they are passing. They are all part of the action. What is encouraging is that there are people joining the group every week because they are moved to do so and they know that someone will be there standing with them.

We continue to protect Assange. Come and join us.

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