Photostory of London solidarity with Julian Assange reaches Italy

London for Assange: Screening in the world’s smallest cinema

This ‘fotostoria’, with photos and editing by Serena Zanzu, documents solidarity with Julian Assange at the High Court and Supreme Court in London where his appeals against extradition to Sweden were heard. The photostory is currently being shown in Italy, screened in Cortomobile, a mobile cinema and the smallest in the world.

Cortomobile… il cinema più piccolo del mondo!

Cortomobile is a four-wheeled cinema designed inside a green Alfa Romeo 2000, year 1974. It was created in 2006 with the intention of resisting the increasing replacement of small, unique cinemas in villages and towns with brand new megaplex-cinemas. Also the lack of short film distribution and promotion in Italy was central in this idea that many regarded as “crazy”.

The smallest cinema in the world seats only two viewers per screening, adults or children. They can choose their own show, from a “cortomenù” (shortfilm menù), a list of around 70 short films and animations available. They are then invited to take their places inside the car. Once the dark-red velvet curtains are closed and only the no-smoking and safety-exit signs are visible, a projector, mounted on the trunk of the car, begins to show short films onto a screen that is fixed to the windscreen of the car.

The cosy space allows people also to understand the basic principles of cinema.
Cortomobile has been performing all over Italy and in Austria and Switzerland. After six years, more than 8,000 people have entered and experienced the smallest cinema in the world.

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