Report: vigil for Manning with Collateral Murder audio track

Around 20 people gathered at London US embassy the 8th of November to show their solidarity with Bradley Manning on his second day of ‘speedy trial’ motion hearing. Bradley Manning supporters stand in front of the US embassy in LondonThe audio track from the Collateral Murder video was played loud for 45 minutes in front of the embassy. Then we gathered in circle and shared the latest news from Manning’s case. David Coombs’ statement on Bradley willingness to accept responsibility for passing documents to WikiLeaks was read by Ben Griffin from Veterans for Peace in the UK. From his report:

A video that encapsulates modern war. The helicopter gunship pilots removed from danger, eager to rain death onto people below them. The infantry with strained voices, unable to see the full horror of what is happening and the Iraqis silent without a voice, defenceless, slaughtered. The scene outside the Embassy was solemn as we contemplated the events played out in the audio and the brave action of the soldier who leaked that information.

More photos here.

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