27 November: Vigil for Bradley Manning at the US Embassy, London

Tuesday 27 November 2012



called by Veterans for Peace in the UK

On the opening day of Bradley Manning’s latest motion hearing, join with us whilst we play the complete audio track (40mins) of Collateral Murder at the US Embassy. This is the important hearing scheduled for November 27 – December 2 dealing with litigation/argument on the “unlawful pretrial punishment” motion.

Placards will be brought but please feel free to make or bring your own.


INFO – BEN – 07866 559 312

Still from Collateral Murder Video

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2 Responses to 27 November: Vigil for Bradley Manning at the US Embassy, London

  1. sand49 says:

    Stand up for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange 27th Nov..Candlelight Vigil Canberra Australia…actfowl@gmail.com..these courageous men have put their lives on the line so we can live in a decent world where there are checks and balances to protect us from tyranny. If we don’t act now it will be too late and future generations will pay a very high price for our lack of courage. We must demand our governments are transparent and accountable to the people who elect them. They are Public Servants in every sense of the word not lackeys for the corporate world.

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