BRADLEY MANNING’S 1000 DAYS MARKED IN Wales,Ireland, Scotland and England.



‘Twas a chilly day in W.I.S.E. lands, snow in some places, wind in others, but in 13 separate places (that we know of) people turned out (or had left their mark) to say in varying ways:

1000 days is 1000 DAYS TOO LONG! FREE BRAD!

BRAD 1000 DAYS vinyl somerset bean

In one way or another the word was out on the streets in Bangor, Cardiff, Haverfordwest, Newport (Pembs), and Wrexham in WALES;  in Galway and Dublin in IRELAND; Edinburgh in SCOTLAND; and in Birmingham, Fairford, London, Peterborough and Menwith Hill in ENGLAND.



Well, Bangor began on WEDNESDAY 20th – and whistleblowing was the theme. In the afternoon a meeting for whistleblowers, and in the evening an open debate with key Welsh whistleblowers speaking: ‘WikiLeaks: do we have a right to know?’

The culmination of which, it appears, was the following letter sent to the press et al to mark BRADLEY’S 1000 DAYS!

BRAD WBLOWERS WE ARE ALL BM 8495150317_fe10e660e4_z

(23 Feb 2013)
We are whistleblowers and supporters of whistleblowers in Wales and beyond.
Some of us have first hand experience of attempts to prevent us speaking out about wrongdoing and injustice through the practice of ‘gagging’, which is by no means confined to the NHS. Local authorities, government departments, government funded agencies, NGOs, banks and large companies all routinely use gagging clauses in compromise agreements in an effort to keep the unvarnished truth about their organisations hidden from the public. Those who refuse to be gagged find themselves targeted: victimised, smeared, persecuted and sometimes prosecuted. It is almost always the whistleblowers rather than the perpetrators of the wrongdoing who lose their livelihoods, often their social networks, family stability and health too. Even where the actions of whistleblowers are completely vindicated, they may find themselves discriminated against when applying for other work.
February 23 marks the 1,000th day that Welsh-American whistleblower Bradley Manning has been held by the US in pre-trial confinement for leaking the truth about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and much more) into the public domain via WikiLeaks, including evidence of war crimes that had been covered up and denied. Ten years ago, as MPs were preparing to vote on the Iraq War, Bradley Manning was a schoolboy in Wales. Now 25, he has spent the last three birthdays in detention, was held under conditions that amounted to torture for 11 months and has been denied his right to a speedy trial, while President Obama has prejudiced the court martial by declaring Bradley Manning guilty before trial. If convicted, he faces the possibility of life in prison without parole.
With whistleblowers in the US as here, the rhetoric is protection, the reality persecution.
We protest this injustice, call on the US government to drop all charges against Bradley Manning and release him from detention.
We demand real protection for whistleblowers in Wales, the US and everywhere.


Sibani Roy, whistleblower at AWEMA: All Wales Ethnic Minority Association, Cardiff 

Mandy Bostwick, whistleblower at Communities First ‘Flagship’ government project in Wales 

Mair Jones, whistleblower at the Children’s Commissioner’s Office for Wales
Cliff Rice, whistleblower at Wylfa nuclear power station
Genny Bove, whistleblower at AVOW: Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham
Linda Davies, whistleblower at care home, Flintshire
Sarah Thomas, whistleblower at council EMI Unit, Caernarfon
Ben Griffin, ex-army whistleblower over British complicity in torture
Anne Greagsby, whistleblower at Wales DRC/EHRC: Disability Rights Commission/Equalities and Human Rights Commission 
Joan Meredith, whistleblower at the Abbeyfield Society
Also, these supporters:
Sylvia Boyes                                        Laraine Bruce                                 Susan Dresner
Jochen Eisentraut                                Food Not Bombs Cardiff                  Jill Gough
Michael Green                                     Joy Mitchell                                     Greg Ogden
Maria Pizzoni                                       Nonny Shearer                                Olga Solabarrieta
Jan Underwood                                    Max Wallis
Contacts: or call 0845 330 4505

*****      ********       ********       ********      *******    *******


Messages of support for Brad were received from several people.

HUGO BLANCO gave this moving tribute to Brad:

For me to take part in this campaign is a great honour.

Here is my statement:

Bradley Manning was rightly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, however the entrenched corruption in the awarding of that prize, mocking the will of its founder, awarded the prize to Obama, driver of massacres in Afghanistan, and to the European Union, manufacturer and exporter of arms.

Bradley is the standard bearer of Peace; he honours the name of the United States, showing that those at the bottom don’t share the warmongering of those who, in the service of big business, govern it.

So the system illegally tortures him as a threat to the peace fighters. Despite everything he maintains high morale.

Let us follow the example of Bradley, let’s battle for peace, let’s battle against wars, without fear of reprisals, let’s learn from Bradley to be truly human.

Hugo Blanco

Director of Lucha Indigena http://www.luchaindigena PERU

The Welsh MP ANN CLWYD reaffirmed her support of Bradley, called for his immediate release, particularly in view of his ‘terrible treatment in detention’  and the length of his pretrial confinement, and paid tribute to his whistleblowing with this statement:

As the MP who tabled two EDMs in Parliament, I do, of corse, continue to support Bradley Manning.

Given his terrible treatment in detention and the time he spent without trial, he should be released now

He was a whistleblower who did us all a favour.

Ann Clwyd MP

and the German MP, SEVIM DAGDELEN, applauded Bradley’s iconic moral stature in the following statement:

Subject: Statement for Action Day Free Bradley Manning

Dear friends,

I do support the campaign for Bradley Manning. I would be delighted if my statement could be published on your websites:

“Bradley Manning has made history and stands for many others who have done so. We have a moral duty to prevent war crimes and to reveal war crimes by publishing information about them. Manning has done that. He truely deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Others do not.

To me, those are not in court, reveal the war crimes, but those who commit war crimes and responsibility.

Free Bradley Manning!”

Best Regards,

Sevim Dagdelen
Member of the German Bundestag
Member of Foreign Affairs Committee
Spokeswoman for International Relations of Die Linke




On SATURDAY Bangor and Ynys Mon Peace and Justice had their info stall in Bangor High St near the clock, where they attracted a fair bit of interest and had some good conversations.

One of National Theatre Wales team, who worked with John McGrath, the director of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning (which won 3 awards recently), happened to be staying in town and, noticing the stall, stopped to introduce himself and chat about Brad.


On FRIDAY (the actual 1000th) (depending on when you count from – herein lies a variation) (some say the 1005th) (THINK this is to to do with ‘apprehension date’ versus official ‘arrest date’ ??).


CARDIFF saw a special Bradley Manning Food not Bombs Friday lunchtime (Food not Bombs  feed people for free outside St John’s Church by the railings on Friday lunchtimes and dedicated this weeks’ free food stall to Brad).  Windy and Cold!!

Then they all turned out again on *the* day (cold again) – SATURDAY between 10.30 and 2.30 – banners, info stall etc….

BRAD 1000 DAYS Cardiff says windy

Dog chain lends symbolism here…..I think it was deliberate juxtaposition of doggie and poster….

BRAD 1000 DAYS CARDIFF DOG ON PILLOW 285721_293096897485912_760976941_n

BRAD CARDIFF FOOD NOT BOMBS wit peeps 312331_293096837485918_1019833882_n


BRAD 1000 DAYS CARDIFF FnotB 419287_293095474152721_1518817506_n


…and what could be *MORE* (ASIDE: question – where does that *MORE* come from?) iconic than Brad’s old school?

….where on SATURDAY a local graffitist expresses support for Brad on the school gates….!

BRAD 1000 DAYS Haverfordwest school gates! radMann1

banksygirl strikes again…

and up the road from Brad’s maternal home town of Haverfordwest to…..

BRAD 1000 DAYS hfdwest to cilgwyn, newport map


….Fachongle Isaf, Cilgwyn, Newport, where they gathered (as they have before) at the eco farm/community made famous by the self-sufficiency guru John Seymour , who, amongst other things, it is said, believed in ‘personal responsibility’; a belief we would be safe to conclude Brad shares.



The young people in Pembrokeshire would like to do whatever they could to get their school contemporary home and free. They are moved by him and hope they would have done the same.

We walked for freedom and talked over his experiences in prison, trying to share the pain.

In the evening people gathered to celebrate the peoples of the world both now and down the ages – diverse, but united in our need for caring truth. Bradley stands for the key to a united human species, to our survival.

The most powerful military in the world wants him to face a charge carrying the death sentence. Destruction against a child of hope, war against compassion.

Pembrokeshire people want to be like him, whatever the price; Bradley is an inspiration.



Lots of lovely photos here. See also this report.

BRAD 1000 DAYS WE ARE BM 8501179648_1f24265a65_z

BRAD 1000 DAYS we are bm 8500073193_3a137f2729_z

and now for a little resonance with the Arabian Nights……

BRAS 1000 DAYS 1001 nights 8500072871_344c60cf3b_z

  BRAD 1000 DAYS woman 8501181672_a5717bfc5f_zBRAD 1000 DAYS traumatised 8501180688_8fe531d820_z

BRAD 100 DAYS prosecute n8501182164_a3717c08ab_z

BRAD 1000 DAYS glasses face fatigues what would you do 8501181420_023935c177_z

BRAD 100 DAYS blowing helicopter orange 8501181320_971e6e2f8b_qBRAD 100 days if you see 8500074319_83e9a733c0_qBRAD 100 DAYS HIS NAME IS n8501181550_3a01a6481b_qBRAD 1000 DAYS traumatised small

BRAD 1000 DAYS three people 8501181966_6c936678d1_z



BRAD 1000 DAYS Galway to Dublin map


BRAD 1000 GALWAY 47789_276562062475100_1987153629_n



In Edinburgh, there was this  (US Consulate General) planned and this  (St Andrew’s Square) – think it was hoped that they’d link up – await reports



The event in Birmingham was organised by Birmingham Stop the War and was announced on fb as:

In Birmingham, on Saturday 23rd February, there will be a vigil in solidarity with Bradley Manning. Those attending are encouraged to bring placards, signs and banners stating ‘I Am Bradley Manning’, ‘Free Bradley Manning’ and other creative support.

There will also be speakers and press will be in attendance. We would also like to use the opportunity to capture photographs on individuals with their banners and signs for the online photo campaign supporting Bradley Manning:

We have posters, speakers and poetry planned. We’d like those attending to bring ‘I Am Bradley Manning’ if they could. Artists of any kind welcome – especially the chalk on pavement kind – thanks! :)

This one is setting up and the one below speaks for itself! (taken by and thanks to Salman Mirza @sallytwit)




It snew here too – gentle flakes

It was fairly busy at Fairford (home to ‘RAF’ Fairford’) with people doing Saturday morning chores in the market square, but almost no-one refused to take a fact sheet, some people were already supporters and glad to see us there, and others wanted us to explain more. A few people signed petition.

Particularly interested were two boys around 13/14, who spent ages talking through the moral dilemmas that Brad might have faced – eg obeying orders v conscience – as they read through the edited ‘chat logs – ‘in his own words’.

They instantly picked up from the collateral murder stills on the post card that the Apache attack was ‘just like a video game’ and determined to find it on line to see for themselves; and they thought aloud about why people join up even when there isn’t a draft….really impressive kids

BRAD 1000 DAYS fairford

We had a camera issue, sadly (such incompetence) and were only able to take this one picture after everyone had made off home to lunch and we were about to pack up….


(unless stated to be Pete Riches images, all other London images ITFriendsofBM on flickr)

In which Bradley gets the justly deserved hero’s ‘Freedom of the City’ tour – in our book anyhow…

The iconic sites mobile demo travelled a pied in what was obviously a very chilly wind (check out the taut faces by the time everyone’s been at the US Embassy for a while!); beginning at Trafalgar Square, taking in a Famous Lion, Abe Lincoln and Nelson Mandela, moving on to Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and finally Buckingham Palace….and thence to the US Embassy.

And here is one of those famed Trafalgar Square Lions at the start and a very self-possessed young lady sitting on the plinth above the Brad flag! (lions lying with lambs and little children leading them sprang to mind…)

BRAD 1000 DAYS TRAFALGAR SQUARE 8502400571_179b5f68f4_z

Abe Lincoln (on the plinth)

BRAD 1000 DAYS abe lincoln 8503512298_a06cc282d4_z

Nelson Mandela

BRAD 1000 DAYS nelson mandela 8503515580_e20a2d2eec_z

By Big Ben

BRAD 1000 DAYS BIG BEN 8502403869_893af042e6_z

Parliament with Big Ben

BRAD 1000 DAYS parliament

and again…

BRAD 1000 DAYS - BIG BEN and PARLIAMENT 8503521768_1ce4d163b4_z

The Mall, Buckingham Palace

BRAD 1000 DAYS BUCK PALACE 8502420841_bbc8d75e2e_z

Buckingham Palace

BRAD 1000 DAYS BUCK PALACE 8502423115_e5485cfd3d_z

and on to join the picket at the US Embassy – ablaze with colourful banners and fiery speeches all calling for the freedom of Brad!

Say it together, people!

BRAD 1000 DAYS US Embassy 8503604118_5a45acd0cb_z

BRAD 1000 DAYS COLLATERAL SLAUGHTER 8503554514_57975cc736_z

BRAD 1000 DAYS yellow notice countries8503560634_7fa9fe8dcb_mBRAD 1000 DAYS our queer wblower 8502455305_7f8349c0c0_mBRAD 1000 DAYS we are all black girl red coat 8502459813_3d50d2b26d_m

BRAD 1000 DAYS orange somerset bean 8502452683_42af6fce00_m

BRAD 1000 DAYS hare krishna food 8503580792_de3bbbf810

BRAD 1000 DAYS black woman purple coat 8503591958_60bab34ba5

BRAD 1000 DAYS anons 8503616114_4989a4216c_z

BRAD 1000 DAYS not a criminal 8503617592_ee88eaf2bc_z

    BRAD 1000 DAYS 3 boys 8503557758_274fa84190_nBRAD 1000 DAYS his cell 8502492465_d26434e575_n

BRAD 1000 DAYS w.a.r.BDy8Y5dCQAEd7p-

The following images are courtesy of Pete Riches – see his photostream on flickr – thank you, Pete!

BRAD 1000 DAYS S&C - pete riches8502871173_320e2ce1e8

BRAD 1000 DAYS - FREE BM wiseup pete riches 8502869727_c2b6dca662

BRAD 1000 DAYS standing in brad's cell declaiming - pete riches 8503967406_5c93fec336

BRAD 1000 DAYS - natan blanc lady - pete riches 8504849077_3e67ddca4c

and this one below from ITFriendsofBM again

BRAD 1000 DAYS dove banner 8502518243_8618aedffd_z


Here, again, it was snowing (not settling, though), and very cold-d-d as people gathered outside the gates of the base with the ‘official’ CAAB (high court authorised!) upside down US flag, to remember Bradley Manning and his 1000 days in prison.


A group of people gathered at the gates of the American base at NSA Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire between 11am and 1pm, in response to the International call for action from the Bradley Manning Support Network in the US and others, to mark this shocking day of his continued detention.

We stood in front of the cars coming out of the base and held upside down flags with messages of support – eg


BRAD 1000 DAYS Menwith demo 003

Afterwards an upside down US flag (THANK YOU, BRADLEY MANNING!) was tied on to the perimeter fence for Christopher Gilmore (Colonel US Commander of NSA Menwith Hill) and the people who work on this base; making it clear that CAAB supports BRADLEY MANNING.

BRAD 1000 DAYS Menwith demo 002

The base is occupied and controlled by the NSA and their Agencies.

Lindis Percy  (Joint Co-ordinator of CAAB – Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases) said:

There is often a terrible price to pay for ‘blowing the whistle’ to reveal crimes and abuses going on.

Bradley Manning has seriously stirred up the hornets nest involving the most serious and shocking cover up by the US government and military. He has exposed war crimes.

These people should be in court.  We need more whistleblowers like Bradley Manning


People vigiled for Brad in Cathedral Square, catching the lunchtime passers by, and handing out the postcards and an information leaflet we produced with salient extracts from the chat logs on the back.

BRAD 1000 DAYS peterborough 2 IMG_0493

BRAD 1000 DAYS peterborough

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3 Responses to BRADLEY MANNING’S 1000 DAYS MARKED IN Wales,Ireland, Scotland and England.

  1. Laura Watkins says:

    This is amazing. I enjoyed your photos. Your big support of Brad is heartwarming. I’m going to his hearing shortly. It’s funny that Fort Meade is on his family’s old land – in the 1600s. They came from the British Isles around the same time as mine. Mannings lived across the creek from my family in Virginia – Julian’s Creek. Lol We and other families moved up to Maryland after we became Quakers. Brad’s something else. He’s used to being in charge. It’s clear why government wimps are afraid of him. I’d swear he was a prince or commander in a past life. Seeing someone so brave and kind being treated like a serial killer is surreal. The DC area is swarming with Nazis. I call them all that. The government must clone them.

  2. John Harris says:

    Great work Lindi on the Friday/Saturday page, thank you, and to everyone else in the WISE network who showed up in the bitter cold, under leaden grey skies, to show solidarity with Bradley Manning, who at the (then) young age of 22 took an enormous and unbelievably brave risk with his liberty and his life to bring the world word of tyranny, torture and torment at work, in the name of the War on Terror, undertaken with the tacit approval of too many voters in UK and the US, as well as the wholehearted approval of most members of the ruling class in both countries who knew they would never have to place themselves in harms way to further their ideology and selfish need for legacy, or foolish belief in unsubstantiated evidential claims used to justify military action, and had no apparent hesitation or conscience about sending impressionable young men and women to die for their causes, not to mention hundreds of thousands of collateral civilian victims. Those of us who did not die are paying and will continue to pay a price in various ways, far from the false claims of security, peace and prosperity, and in this time of great need, the already identifiable cost to the US taxpayer of £19 trillion for the Americans’ Afghan and Iraq wars of choice, by the time the last surviving serviceman or servicewoman dies towards the end of the 21st century, and are then off the books of the Veterans Administration, or the wasted $12 trillion cost of the Arab-Israeli conflict to the global community, is either criminal, sociopathic, or indicative of gross and inexcusable incompetence. In Bradley Manning’s case the price has been 1000 stolen days already, and may amount to another 20,000 surrendered days without freedom to live his life as he chooses. In our cases, we cannot yet know the full cost or the consequences, but we owe a debt to Bradley and Julian and must not forget them, but equally that debt requires holding those responsible for these insults and crimes against all human kind accountable if not by means of ICC, then by consigning them to stand in the same jobless lines they, and their kind, have created all over the world. A small matter of 7 billion taking control away from the few hundreds of thousands and their proxies who have misused control and abused trust and their own citizens for far too long, and probably since the Middle Ages. It is surely time to Rise Up.

  3. Boadacia! says:

    The American empirical elite politicians need to be brought to justice, but this will only happen when we have a world wide justice organisation, that all countries will have to recognise and conform.

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