Last Pretrial Vigil for BRAD on THURS 23RD MAY…and a look back at what we have been up to together since first we began…



Thursday 23 MAY 2013


with audio of Collateral Murder


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BRADLEY WILL BE BACK IN OPEN COURT 21st – 23rd MAY and on the closing day of this last scheduled pretrial motion hearing (how to deal with classified information – see below*), join with us and stand in silence whilst we play the complete audio track (40 mins) of Collateral Murder at the US Embassy.

The silent vigil will be followed by reflections on the plight of Bradley Manning and information sharing.

Placards will be brought but please feel free to make or bring your own.


There is also an extra court diary date May 7-8, when the parties will hold a closed session with sample government witnesses, to determine whether the classified information that they intend to divulge at trial will require closing those sessions or whether an alternative is feasible. Alternatives include summarizing, substituting, or redacting classified information, or using code words to refer to classified names, dates, or places. 

for an update on this from Alexa O’Brien, see:

US v. Manning | Overview on Osama bin Laden evidence and prosecution’s move to close the Court for 28 classified witnesses which is here.

Alexa is attending this session as a member of the public, she tweeted earlier. There is some suspicion that the following ‘Media Advisory’ issued 29th April may be used by the authorities to ensure that she is not ‘credentialed’ as a journalist for the next full hearing 21st – 23rd May, on the grounds of being an ‘independent’ journalist. If this happened, she would be unable to use the media room and would have to attend in the courtroom as a member of the public. We shall see. See Media Advisory here.


So, just going to say this about vigiling once more:


Focusing again, in this place and at this time, on the shocking video that more than anything else came to symbolise the what and why of WikiLeaks and the need for courageous whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, combines at least four objectives:

16 jul us em 2                           US_Emb_08112012_SZ1

As we stand facing the Eagle, we are telling the powers perpetuating this ‘asymmetric warfare’ that we have not forgotten the things that have been revealed to us, the things that they hoped to keep under wraps: we will still out lies.

We are showing our respect and gratitude by standing in solidarity with Brad, the one now in the dock for standing for truth and justice, and reminding the authorities that we oppose their persecution of him.

bradley-manning beautiful

We are bringing the issues into the public arena by taking a stand in a public place, and raising awareness.

Still from Collateral Murder VideoAnd we are reminding ourselves of  what matters, taking time out of our perpetual busyness to stop and focus, to remember, and to think about who we are and what we stand for. This is a meditation that all who seek change can ill do without.

01 truth duty


So… since March 2011, an ongoing witness has been maintained at the US Embassy in London (and over the past three years, in other locations, notably in Wales), to the three years too long incarceration of Bradley Manning; a prisoner for the Truth.

Though taking various forms over this time, the main focus for solidarity with Bradley on the occasions of his pretrial court hearings has been the ‘vigil’ –to vigil is to keep awake, as Ciaron reminds us – and a gathering as described above.  And the last of these prior to Brad’s court martial full-on trial, will be on Thursday 23rd May. Please be there if you can – just your presence is a significant contribution to Bradley for all the reasons described above.


So let’s just revisit in pictures some of those occasions at the US Embassy and in all the other places, where people have joined together over the last three years and and said in various ways and by various means FREE BRADLEY MANNING! …

….before we move on to the next phase of this mission on SATURDAY 1ST JUNE –>see next post…NB if you are too early, it’s a WATCH THIS SPACE…but have patience and all will be revealed about our great and wonderful line-up including Peter Tatchell for that very important getting together again to #ThankManning on SATURDAY 1st JUNE afternoon  at the US EMBASSY (from 2pm) to mark the beginning of the TRIAL…


And don’t forget the opportunity to come together before that in Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, London again, or Bristol  to meet with Chase Madar, author of The Passion of Bradley Manning; to link up to strengthen our solidarity; and to learn more! FOR BACKGROUND on Chase’s visit see this post and for full list of events with all links see here.

BUT FOR NOW LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS (click on a pic to go to the full size image).

pembs young peoplewrite a messagePublic Meeting2BRAD US EMBASSY SUMMER imageslyons us embassy                 004sm bow creek ramblersBRAD SUPPORT early northwood  471366una poster apr2012 new                                                                                                                
lindis manning 17 dec16 securing bannerIMG_8607quiz kidsletter-writing2
30 lizmanning quote01 free brad bannerbradley-manning-vigil-london-23-feb-12-014-2-for-documents2011 manning3picton talk01 library                             
craig murraybanner in sq15 jack08stall
guy picRadicalisation-of-Manning-Live-Stream12castlefreebradIMG_8616lge bradgig cym10 6 june brisbanesnowdon summit 6001 banner and mantlepieceCraig Murray poster Welshclock 0316meetingFreeBradleyManningAmericanEmbassy_25006 offa009 hazelpeter serena014 liesMay 12 01615meetingMay 12 019banner 01clock 056 june vigil londonJUNE LEAFLET exeter cover06 6 june brisbaneBRAD 1000 DAYS - natan blanc lady - pete riches 8504849077_3e67ddca4cthemis supreme courtwb poster apr2012 welsh c16 jul us em babysignbala seeds 101 outside the unidesert-46 june vigil london25 jun us embbrad pride 201119 banners facing in01 stickers09 picnic in bandstand08 pink banner and bandstandVfPUK embassyciaron at brizgig16 jul us em 116 jul walkutf-8''IMG_1421snowdon summit 4corcochion014lgstars and stripes hatthank you brad knit-inutf-8''IMG_141830 free bradseeds of truth 1Bradley Manning supporters hold a vigil at US embassy01 group in eveManning supporters walk to the embassy of Ecuador15 nonviolence works01 flyer final13 genny speakingfins 02ant and bradNov12 031BRAD US EMB 8th Jan 2. jpgBRAD 1000 DAYS peterborough 2 IMG_0493BRAD 1000 DAYS Israeli activist 8502470619_9b4d00931f_nBRAD 1000 DAYS we are all black girl red coat 8502459813_3d50d2b26d_mVigil for Bradley Manning at US embassyBradley Manning supporters stand in front of the US embassy in LondonNov12 030BLOG - PROTEST IRELAND ciaron ben etc DSC_0090-300x225DSCN0037BRAD US EMB 8th Jan 1BRAD US EMBASY PICKETUS EMBASSY march 20 2011 looking to embassy and peopleBRAD 1000 DAYS Haverfordwest school gates! radMann1BRAD 1000 DAYS VICKY'SBRAD 1000 DAYS WREXHAM we are bm 8501179966_d6a730f23d_zBRAD WBLOWERS WE ARE ALL BM 8495150317_fe10e660e4_zBRAD 1000 DAYS three people 8501181966_6c936678d1_zBRAD 1000 DAYS BIRMINGHAM StW BDy1CxLCEAAdA39BRAD 1000 GALWAY 47789_276562062475100_1987153629_nBRAD 1000 DAYS fairfordBRAD 1000 DAYS US Embassy 8503604118_5a45acd0cb_zBRAD 1000 DAYS anons 8503616114_4989a4216c_zBRAD 1000 DAYS not a criminal 8503617592_ee88eaf2bc_zBRAD 1000 DAYS - natan blanc lady - pete riches 8504849077_3e67ddca4cBRAD 1000 DAYS Menwith demo 002BRAD US EMBASSY 1st March 8521182496_26a185b655brad apr13BRAD 1000 DAYS dove banner 8502518243_8618aedffd_zBRAD US EMB WELSH BANNERBRAD US EMB NAOMIOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABRAD US Emb Collateral Murder audio vigilBRAD Giorgio in 2011snowdon summit bannerhats003 psc cardiff bannerBRAD original soldier with collateral murder backgroundBRAD another US embassy vigil picmanning-vigil-12-april-300x225

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