Press Release: #ThankManning! SAT 1ST JUNE US Embassy from 2pm



 from 2.00pm at the US EMBASSY, Grosvenor Square London W1

On June 3rd, after more than three years’ imprisonment, WikiLeaks whistleblower, BRADLEY MANNING, will finally begin his formal court martial. The 25 year old three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee has already taken responsibility for his actions in a historic statement that could net him twenty years in jail – but the US Government still insists on charging him with ‘aiding the enemy’, and pressing for life imprisonment without parole. They would be doing this even if Bradley had passed his information directly to the New York Times and the trial jeopardises the entire concept of press freedom.

And more. On the line with Bradley will be truth, justice, the Nuremberg Principle that demands a soldier follow his conscience – and the rights of a people to know what crimes are committed in its name. The trial itself is being held under conditions of strictest secrecy, but from Saturday June 1st there will be a global show of support to show the US Government that THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

Nowhere more than in the UK. Bradley is also a British citizen through his Welsh mother, and supporters have maintained a regular vigil outside the US Embassy since March 2011. Plays have been performed – Tim Price’s NTW production The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning’ goes to the Edinburgh Fringe in August, while the Molino Group’s ‘Desert’ is playing in both Exeter and London. Chase Madar (author of ‘The Passion of Bradley Manning’ – Verso) has just completed a whistlestop UK tour. A recent discussion evening at Soho’s Century Club featured contributions from Peter Tatchell, Dame Vivienne Westwood, and Julian Assange. Supporters from Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England have devised countless events over the past three years to show our pride in the man we believe history will acknowledge as one of our islands’ greatest sons.


 On Saturday we all come together. Bradley is an icon for the Peace movement, for LGBQT rights, for advocates of transparency and internet freedom, and for anyone who opposes human rights abuses and believes in justice. This eclectic mix is reflected in the different groups taking part in Saturday’s gathering – among them Veterans for Peace (UK), BradleyLibero, London Guantánamo Campaign, Friends of WikiLeaks, Payday Men’s Network, Wales for Bradley,  Bhopal Medical Appeal,  London Catholic Worker, Queer Strike, Pirate Party UK, Young People of West Wales for Bradley Manning, Queer Friends of Bradley Manning,

Speakers include political and human rights campaigner PETER TATCHELL; whistleblowing ex British ambassador CRAIG MURRAY; war resistors BEN GRIFFIN (ex SAS and founder of VfPUK) and MICHAEL LYONS  (conscientious objector jailed for 9 months); LOZ KAYE (Pirate Party UK leader); photo-journalist and producer GUY SMALLMAN (known for his prolific Afghanistan work) – and others. DAVID ROVICS is also adding us into his European tour to give a live performance of his classic ‘Song for Bradley Manning’.

Many others are expected to join us as we celebrate the courage of this young prisoner of conscience. Together we will be adding our voices to the global demand to FREE BRADLEY MANNING.  

MORE at WISE Up Action


LINDI 01840 230397/07806 875983;

BEN 07866 559312;

GIORGIO 0207 267 8698

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2 Responses to Press Release: #ThankManning! SAT 1ST JUNE US Embassy from 2pm

  1. Katia says:

    Hello I look forward to seeing you there…. Clips of Bradley Manning event at century available next week xx

    Sent from my iPad

  2. maría hernandez says:

    Jovenes con estos valores de denuncia dan esperanzas al ciudadano global en la posibilidad de cambio en beneficio de los habitantes de este mundo

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