Solstice in south Shropshire sees solidarity with Bradley Manning: 20 – 23 June

Janta and Merav Wheelhouse of Karuna Permaculture Project marked the solstice weekend at the Bridges pub Sin-Eater Festival and the solstice daybreak at nearby Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, creating a ‘Free Bradley Manning’ placard in the early morning of the longest day.

janta merav brad solidarity uncoloured

Let the sunshine in! Let Bradley Manning out!

Janta writes:

An unforgettable experience! How many people are this fortunate, to spent three days in their local area, experience so much diversity and make a connection with the land which brings us into its mystical power? I just wanna celebrate what we have, the potential we have as a united race of people. A weekend at the Sin-Eater Festival at the Bridges pub made it special but the reasons why such festivals are even happening in this area, the most potent experiences of all, are our living around the magical South Shropshire hills which fill me and many others with gratitude to – well – life.

janta merav brad solidarity stones

At 1am, when the music woz over and people crawled ‘n’ ambled back to the campsite just a mile away, we called our mate Milly at Stiper Stones to let her know we’d be passing hers on way to the Stone Circle. OK, she says “I’ll get Jess (her little girl) outta bed. We’re coming over with you.” We arrived at Mitchell’s Fold round about 2am.

janta merav brad solidarity fire

It was blowing a fair bit across the heathland. We waited for the rain to hold off, then got a good size roaring fire going in the Kadai (Indian fire bowl), where fire is protected and even heavy showers couldn’t put it out. The night passed like some dream bubble. I can’t write about it – it’s ineffable!

We stayed up til well past daybreak. The first person we spotted walking a dog was chosen to be our photographer. He included his dog in the shots. We met another person who entered the circle at dawn. He’d been sleeping up on the hill above us and had to get to work in Birmingham, but not until we designed the ‘Free Bradley Manning’ placard together and took snaps of a few moments of peace, friendship and happiness!

janta merav brad solidarity 02

When we came down from the hills at 3 pm, I leaned our placard against a wall at the festival where everyone could see it. There were 500 people down there so hopefully it became a matter of discussion for some and a few more people came to know some shocking truth.

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