Bradley Manning Verdict Day Solidarity in London

Bradley Manning and the Gods of Justice and Love

by Ciaron O’Reilly

From Themis to Eros the Gods of Justice & Love say “Free Bradley Manning!”

themis supreme court


Tues July 30th
* 3pm Eros Statue, Picadilly Circus., London
* 6pm U.S. embassy – time of verdict

Brad’s in chains for us, We’re on the loose for him!


Three hours before the Bradley Manning verdict was to come down Tuesday (NSA HQ Ft.Meade, Maryland USA 1pm/ London 6pm), supporters of Bradley Manning gathered at the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus London. The 15 gathered included folks from Aotearoa, Australia, England, Ireland, Iraq, Italy, United States. They included artists, a boat builder, Catholic Workers, fathers, former prisoners, mothers, musicians, priests & students. They were joined by a Swiss tourist who picked a Bradley Manning placard.

verdict walk

At 5.30 pm the 15 folks began to walk single file to the U.S. embassy carrying placards calling for the freedom of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and an end to the war.

verdict emb

The procession arrived at the U.S. embassy just before the London verdict time of 6pm. The gathering was addressed by former anti-war prisoner of the United States Ciaron O’Reilly speaking here before the verdict was announced.

As 6pm struck, the verdict was being tweeted from NSA HQ Ft. Meade; these tweets were read to the gathering outside the U.S. embassy in London.

us emb end wars

Courtroom sketch of the moment the verdict was handed down.

This table by Alexa O’Brien details the verdict and possible sentences for each charged offence.

verdict us emb

Follow these links for more information about the verdict and case: Michael Ratner on PBS Newshour | Democracy Now special live report

verdict love

Free Brad! Expose their lies! End their wars!

Thanks to BradleyLibero for the photos. More here.

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