Solidarity in London and all over as Graeme Dunstan’s trial for disarming a helicopter gunship gets underway

Solidarity in London

Former U.S./Australian/Irish plowshares prisoner Ciaron O’Reilly gives it all he’s got (left) at the Australian High Commision on London’s Strand on the first day of Graeme Dunstan’s trial in Rockhampton, Australia on Monday.

ciaron outside aus high comm aug 2013

One may have been the loneliest number until High Commission bureaucrat & security came to inspect a makeshift shrine to the Afghani dead thumbtacked to a nearby tree.

Ciaron went to introduce himself, but there was no need for such formalities – they knew who he was and failed to introduce themselves. They didn’t know Graeme Dunstan and enquired. They know who Graeme Dunstan is now. They answered in the affirmative that they had viewed the helicopter gunship ploughshares video from Talisman Sabre 2011.

They answered in the negative to the proposition “Pretty funny uh?”

Flyers were distributed to passersby, prayers said and gesticulatory insults exchanged with a passing busload of young Galatasaray SK fans Ciaron mistook as young Australians silently abusing him from behind the bus windows. As the Turkish football sign on the back of the bus betrayed their identity, Ciaron realised that they were indeed abusing the Australian High Commission building and were probably still pissed off over Gallipoli.

Solidarity from David Rovics with a new song

Solidarity around the world

After this solidarity video…

…photos from supporters around the world continue to arrive.

Arizona Jack Cohen Joppa, editor of The Nuclear Resister


Gil Landolt, Veterans for Peace, Des Moines


Frank Cordaro, long time Catholic Worker, plowshares activist, former & future anti-war prisoner


Tommy Schmidt, Des Moines Catholic Worker


Ben Griffin, Afghanistan/Iraq combat veteran, founder of Veterans for Peace in the U.K.


Michael Lyons, Navy medic, military resister who was jailed for refusing deployment to Afghanistan


John Shipton (Julian Assange’s father) and Father Dave

shipton fr dave

Rev. Simon Moyle, currently in Rockhampton supporting Graeme at the trial

rev simon moyle

Chris Cole and Virginia Moffat

chris cole virginia moffat

Annie Morris, teacher

annie morris teacher

Evan Clarry and child

evan clarry

Danielle O’Brien, artist and Milo

Danielle and Milo

Tom Francis, filmmaker

Tom Francis

Brian O’Brien, nurse

Brian OBrien

Traditional Catholic devotion of Intercession to Mary as Our lady of perpetual help


Headlines you won’t see in mx


I can’t relax in Brisbane during the Graeme Dunstan trial


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