The Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers. Laugh/Cry with Aidan Killian in London this Saturday, Monday

Aidan Killian – this is who he is…

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A stand-up, whose show ‘Take the Red Pill’, which made light of the global financial crisis, was a massive hit at Edinburgh Fringe. In 2014 he took on religion with ’Jesus Versus Buddha’ and now before returning this summer to the Edinburgh Festival, he brings a show to London about…see below

You will see “nothing else to compare with this.” – Chortle “Take the Red Pill” ****

is in London from Saturday…

in The Lounge at Leicester Square Theatre, 6, Leicester Place, on Saturday 20th June, 9pm and at the Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High Street, on Monday 22nd June 7pm (above the Oxford Arms), for two London performances of his new show:

The Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers (you know who they are!)

And so to the show’s press release, in which is posed the $64 question…

Can Aidan Killian Save Julian Assange?

“The truth will set you free (whistleblowers excluded)”

The Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers

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If you had access to government information that you thought would be crucial for the world to know, would you share it? When those who speak the truth get publically demonised, should we sit in silence and allow them to be condemned? Is the revelation that our governments commit war crimes and spy on us more important than whether the whistleblower bursts condoms or chooses to wear high heels?

These are the questions Aidan Killian, “Ireland’s Hottest Comedian” (One World Chronicle), asks in The Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers, his passion-fuelled new show that’s set to spark fires and inspire audiences at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In 2014, Aidan took on religion with his Jesus Versus Buddha show, with the running theme of “The truth will set you free.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Julian Assange, Private Manning or Edward Snowden. Such is the theme of Whistleblowers, an eye-opening show that questions authority and challenges audiences to put themselves in the shoes of Assange and his fellow messengers. Simultaneously, Aidan challenges himself by tackling such controversial issues as war crimes, global corruption, Israel-Palestine and government spying, all while sending ripples of laughter throughout his engaged audiences.

Here’s a brief clip (2 mins) of a previous show for a taster…

About Aidan

“I want to push boundaries, challenge minds, open hearts…and I suppose a few laughs would be good too.”  Aidan Killian

Aidan is a spirited and charismatic comedian who has been compared to Russell Brand and Tommy Tiernan by Chortle. His intelligent, impassioned and hilarious rants have sold out theatres in New York, London and all over Asia. Aidan is renowned for his thought-provoking, finely-honed material and tenacious, yet charming delivery.

Aidan takes stand-up to the next level, using humour as a vessel by which to deliver positive messages of truth and compassion. What you see in this show will stay with you forever; you will never again view the news in the same light.

I am doing comedy because every cell in my body tells me it is what I need to do. I allow my voice speak what it needs to say and sometimes it’s funny. I love it and I hope you do to.

 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2015

  • Venue: Heroes @ the Hive, Venue 313 (The Bunka), 15-17 Niddry Street.
  • Dates: August 7th – 31st (excluding 18th)
  • Time: 14:30 (50 mins duration)

For more information about The Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers or to arrange an interview with Aidan, contact him directly:

Facebook or the London Event:

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