Viva Chelsea Manning, Pride Hero at London Pride! Saturday 27th June

It’s Pride Time again!         Chelsea Pride in London logo

Here we are in June, and it’s time for Pride again.  And London Pride theme this year is sooooh appropriate for Chelsea – HEROES!

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For a reminder of why Chelsea has earned this title and more about her, see:

About Chelsea: Who is Chelsea Manning?  here

The heroism of Chelsea Manning will be represented in at least two sections of the march this year (probably more!), these two lining up initially as follows:

  1. Outside Baker St   Tube Station (Whistleblowers!)
  2. Between Blandford Street and Dorset Street (Queer+FriendsCM)

The nearest tube station for both is Baker St.


The Whistleblowers contingent will gather at 12.15 outside Baker St Tube

All Welcome!   

You are invited to march with our banner:

Defend Chelsea Manning & all Whistleblowers!    

Queer Strike, Payday, Compassion in Care, whistleblowers from Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre, women from the Julian Assange Vigil and many more…

This is what Pride should be for: to represent grassroots lesbian Chelsea Whistle for whistleblower image manning-logo-colorgay bi trans queer campaigns, not pink washing of corporate /     government / military interests. Racist and xenophobic UKIP has been banned, but shamefully Barclays is leading the march again, despite last year’s objections.

We must defend Chelsea and other whistleblowers in the military, government, police, prisons, detention centres, care homes, hospitals and other institutions. We also need to protect the many people – women the vast majority – who do the invisible work of caring for and giving voice to loved ones trapped in institutions.

Whistleblowers are under threat of imprisonment, physical attack, isolation, and sacking, leaving them destitute. They are punished for caring about others and society as a whole. Defending them is a priority for the lgbtq and all our movements, especially in these increasingly repressive times.  They need and deserve our support.  They are an example for us all.  It could be one of us any day.

Bring your banners, placards, make some noise!


Queer Strike  (020) 7482 2496                                                        Payday Men’s Network (020) 7267 8698


Chelsea wpurple flower hat in front of her poster chelsea-manning



Chelsea Queer+Friends will meet between 12.30 and 1.00

In Section C which lines up between Blandford Street and Dorset Street on Baker Street.  Second from the back in this section so likely nearer to Dorset Street than Blandford Street.

Unilever are at the back and right behind us – they’ll probably have lots of ghastly corporate nonsense to wave around so that’ll be something to look out for.

Pride stewards will always be happy to help, they will be wearing hi-visibility vests.

Here’s a google map link to roughly the place we think we’ll be located, sadly we cannot give a precise location.

Here’s a link to a .ics (calendar event file which you can import into your calendar sofware)

The march should kick off at 1pm but it’s usually late – but please don’t rely on it being late! Sod’s law and all that! I’ll be there from 12:00 and I recommend you aim to arrive between 12:30 and 13:00.

It might rain, it might be sunny. Bring waterproofs and suncream. We don’t recommend umbrellas as they block views for photographers and they make it difficult for you to hold a placard or hand out flyers.

The most important thing to do though is make sure you have a superfun time; it really is a brilliant day and there’s always a great atmosphere irrespective of the weather. :)

Chelsea Q+Fcropped-wordpress-header-image2

Big hugs, Queer+ Friends of Chelsea Manning!


send us an email at and we’ll send you a contact number you can call us on on the day.


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