Statement from Chelsea Manning’s Welsh-Irish Family – 14 May 2017

Press Release

The Welsh-Irish family of military whistleblower Chelsea Manning has issued the following statement prior to Chelsea’s release from Fort Leavenworth due to take place on 17 May after seven years imprisonment.

Chelsea has endured seven years loss of liberty for her whistleblowing actions while those whose wrongdoing she exposed have gone unpunished. The shocking and abusive ill-treatment Chelsea was subjected to in Kuwait and Quantico before the trial should never have happened and the 35 year sentence handed down by the military court was a travesty of justice. We are naturally very relieved that this ordeal will soon be over for Chelsea and that she will be able to take up her place in society again. Whatever she decides to do, we are sure she will make a significant and positive contribution.

Chelsea’s mother Susan Manning said:

“I am so proud of Chelsea and delighted she will finally be free again. It is going to be very hard for her to re-adjust after so long inside the prison’s four walls and I’m happy she will be staying in Maryland where she has family to look out for her.

“Chelsea is so intelligent and talented, I hope she now has the chance to go to college to complete her studies, and to do and be whatever she wants. My message to Chelsea? Two words: ‘Go, girl!’”

The family here in Wales wishes to make it clear that there will be no interviews with the media. We ask all media outlets to refrain from attempting to contact family members by phone, in person or by any other means. Please respect our privacy.

For information: Previous press release January 2017

4315 susan manning and robbie sinnott with free chelsea placard

Susan Manning with Irish supporter Robbie Sinnott at the 2nd Manning TruthFest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, January 2015.

Irish Solidarity Event

Join Chelsea’s supporters in Dublin on Sunday 21 May for a celebration of Chelsea’s release, to remember Chelsea’s Uncle Kevin who passed away recently, and to show solidarity with anti-war activists Dave Donnellan and Colm Roddy who are in court the following week over a disarmament action at Ireland’s Shannon Airport.


Further information: Remembering; Celebrating; Solidarity

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2 Responses to Statement from Chelsea Manning’s Welsh-Irish Family – 14 May 2017

  1. Kay McPadden says:

    Thanks be to the God of surprises. May you all be bathed in Peace, deep Joy and courage for the future.

  2. Heidi lucken says:

    God Bless All of you over there, bio- family, tribe and kindred spirit alike. Margaret Mead used to talk about small groups of ordinary people are the ones who make change in this world, together we all did. Chelsea made the largest military in the history of humanity, blink. Enjoy your private family life from now on!

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