A Week of Action in Support of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange

Dear friends we had the amazing pleasure this week to participate in solidarity with Whistleblower Chelsea Manning and Publisher Julian Assange during a time of celebration.

Chelsea Manning was released on Wednesday 17th of May 2017, International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and Julian Assange’s saw the case against him dropped by the Swedish Prosecutors paving the way for an end to his Arbitrary Detention by Sweden and the UK. Both individuals have suffered in the hands of states for the last seven years. Chelsea Manning with treatment tantamount to torture, an unjust legal process, with imprisonment and life threatening lack of medical care within the military penitentiary system. Julian Assange with an all out assault to prevent him carrying on his WikiLeaks’ work. He faced and extrajudicial processes to cut off financial resources, robbing him of the right to earn his living and operate his organisation, curtailing him from being able to finance his legal defence. He faced a political conspiracy in Sweden were an initiative by two occasional sexual partners to re-assure themselves over their sexual health was turned by Swedish institutions into a witch-hunt for misconduct and crime that led to his Arbitrary Detention, defamation, psychological torture and separation from his family and young children.

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