WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Refugee Political Asylee – Vigil Call Out 16/08/2017

It is almost seven years that Britain arbitrarily detains Julian Assange, for the last five years he has found refuge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. We stand by him in solidarity!

Opposite the Ecuadorian Embassy, outside No 3 Hans Crescent. Nearest Tube station: Knightsbridge Piccadilly Line

Julian Assange was granted political asylum by the government of Ecuador on 16/08/2012 for the persecution and risk to his life as the editor of WikiLeaks, the publishing organisation. In the words of former Foreign Minister of Ecuador Ricardo Patino:

We believe that Great Britain will realise how important it is to give the chance for a person to be saved so that he won’t be living for years in an embassy, in trust of that nation’s government.

We also believe that London will accept Ecuador’s sovereign decision. If that doesn’t happen we’ll find a way out. Perhaps, the only thing that we’ll be left with is going to the International Court of Justice in the Hague., so that we can grant freedom to Assange. Washington and the US is not our father or teacher to punish us. We have the same rights as they do. Julian Assange is an example, a symbol of freedom of speech but there are some countries which try to influence things and limit his freedom, and even oppress him so that he stops doing what he is doing. We want to make them understand that we are protection freedom of speech as well as a right to life and personal integrity.

Yet, Julian Assange, five years later and despite being found by the United Nations Working Group of Arbitrary Detention in 2016 to be Arbitrarily Detained since his initial arrest in December 2010, he still remains subject to arrest by Britain and unable to leave the Embassy.

We stand in solidarity at this injustice, Join us by attending our vigil!

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