Solidarity for Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks continues strong

We had 2 very heartening solidarity actions during the summer, marking the 5th Anniversary of Julian Assange seeking asylum in June, and celebrating his birthday in July.

Our solidarity for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks continues.

Alex Taylor explains how hit job Hollywood film “The Fifth Estate” instead of putting him off, it prompted him to research the true facts surrounding the WikiLeaks work and its editor Julian Assange. He found that the film was full of lies, highlighting that forces were attempting to censor a project that spoke truth to power. Watch his inspiring message of support here:

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In 2017 we saw Chelsea Manning walking free and beautiful projecting her own voice living her life as she wants, spreading her wings and joining the fight for a better world. How hopeful! how wonderful!

Add your voice with others in support, time now we also see Julian Assange free.

In solidarity!

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