Christmas Solidarity Vigil Call out for #WikiLeaks Julian #Assange Dec 23rd 2017

Dear Friends!

For the eighth Christmas away from his loved ones, six of those inside the confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy under protective political asylum, Julian Assange, continues to work in expanding the Transparency movement he spearheads. Every publication, like the latest Vault7 and Vault8 about CIA’s cyber weaponry employed against the peoples of the world is a victory. Whilst his work has electrified the world of publishing, his personal circumstances remain difficult despite a win over Sweden, ending their Arbitrary Detention. Britain is yet to adhere to its international obligations and end their Arbitrary Detention of him. International pressures to stop his work continue. In April CIA’s Mike Pompeo called WikiLeaks a ‘non state intelligence agency’ and called for the arrest of Julian Assange.

In this backdrop, we shall gather once more in solidarity outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to mark Julian Assange’s arbitrary detention, ask for his release, demand safe passage out of the UK and thank the Ecuadorian people for their continuous protection despite international pressures.

The Time:        23rd of December 2017, between 5-7pm

The Place:       Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

What to bring:  Plenty of Cheer!

Join us!

In Solidarity #FreeAssange!

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