Vigil Call out! Two years from UNWGAD #Assange ruling

For how long will the medical profession ignore the gross violation of Julian Assange’s human rights for access to healthcare? Arbitrarity Detained for more than seven years, now, medical experts from the US and UK raise their voice demanding the UK respects Julian Assange Human Rights as set in the UN declaration of Human Rights.

On Monday the 5th of February 2016 The United Nations Working group of Arbitrary Detention issued its expert opinion that Julian Assange is Arbitrarily Detained by Sweden and the UK, the latter challenged its finding but they lost again in November 2016.

Since then, in May 2017, six months after interviewing him inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, Sweden closed their investigation and rescinded their Arrest Warrant that detained him. Nevertheless, the UK continues to detain him and have in place a 24 hour surveillance regime against him. This detention put’s his health in a dangerous condition.

With the UNWGAD anniversary approaching to examine our own contribution to this movement of liberating society from its ignorance and naivity, carrying so much hope for the betterment of the human condition. What is our contribution, each of us separately according to ability and disposition but also together, united in solidarity for these people who to great personal sacrifice, uncomplainingly, put their bodies forward and receive the backlash of tremendous political power upon their lives. Is what we do the best that we can do for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange? It is a good opportunity now,  as WikiLeaks supporters, to stand in solidarity. Whilst Julian Assange is now starting his 8th year in Arbitrary Detention by the UK, we shall gather again outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in his support to mark the two years since the UNWGAD decision, please join us!

The time:        5th of February 2018 between 6-8pm
The place:      Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, No 3 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge.
Nearest Tube station Knightsbridge on the Piccadilly Line

Join us in Solidarity!


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