Assange’s Free Speech is our Free Speech #ReconnectJulian #Assange

It is more than a week that Ecuador suspended Julian Assange’s internet access, and denied him visitors. Both online and offline WikiLeaks supporters have rallied at his defence. An Online Solidarity vigil amassed an array of activists and supporters speaking up for Julian Assange under hashtag #ReconnectJulian with tremendous response at the ethers.

Whilst many of the well known supporters like Peter Tatchell and Vivienne Westwood took to the airwaves to defend Julian Assange’s Human rights, and Yianis Varufakis and Srecko Horvat launched a petition demanding his internet restored, here in the UK the regular solidarity vigil intensified its efforts. Already on the 28th of March a group gathered on Hans Crescent with banners, posters and flyers, keeping vigil waiting for news and spreading the news to passers by. Here Ciaron O’Reilly sharing his message of solidarity on video from Wednesday the 28th of March:

Recommending Disobedient Media’s interview with him by Elizabeth Lea Vos, giving an insight on the motivation and objectives of the vigil here. As Easter week  progressed many answered the Vigil call Out:

Which continued daily through the week:

And here is Ciaron O’Reilly again, yesterday reminding us how we reached the situation where Julian has been silenced, how the US Grand Jury is persecuting Assange for revealing crimes of the US state that the UK government would not guarantee safe passage to Ecuador to enjoy his asylum. He explains how our solidarity the last five and a half years are towards Julian Assange and Ecuador who have protected his life, highlighting the Australian dereliction of duty in providing any support to him. He goes on focusing on the censorship imposed on the WikiLeaks editor clarifying that freedom of speech and having an opinion is certainly not ‘interference in matters of’. His free speech is guaranteed by Australian constitution and also by the European Human Rights declarations. Watch the video below:

Standing in solidarity we were joined by the lovely @EmbassyCat who is also watching, waiting for freedom. We continue to stand up to the injustice of his detention and the censorship he currently experiences. Join us!

In solidarity #ReconnectJulian Assange!

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