Vigil Call out: 6 Embassy Years for #WikiLeaks’ Julian #Assange on 19/06/2018 btw 6 – 8pm

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Bob Marley has said it all before, “Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up for your rights, Get Up Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight” and this is how civil society makes gains and progress. Julian Assange has been standing up for our Freedom of Speech, our right to peace and justice through transparency by publishing at truthful information about how the world works. It is our turn to Get Up and Stand Up for his Rights.

Julian Assange is under Arbitrary Detention by the UK government for the last almost 8 years. There is absolutely no grounds upon which he is detained.

He sought and received political asylum almost six years ago. His stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy is arduous and inhumane confined in a small space without any access to sunlight or the outdoors, with limited access to medical care due to the refusal of the UK government to provide safe passage for him to leave the UK and enjoy his asylum. They threat to arrest him the moment he steps outside with the very real treat of onward extradition to the US where a Grand Jury investigation has been preparing a persecution against WikiLeaks for almost a decade.

The risk of extradition to the US is very real. As Jenifer Robinson explains:

Whilst his health deteriorates calls are made for the medical profession in the UK to come forward and mediate on the side of Julian Assange’s right to have access to the appropriate medical care.

Our Action for Julian

We don’t have to be passive observers of these events. Each in their own way and all together, we can make a difference, we can stand by his side this difficult moment, particularly since, due to political pressure on Ecuador, his ability to communicate with the outside world has been restricted.

Once again we gather in solidarity to remind people the unacceptable situation that a Western publisher is arbitrarily detained in the heart of London, Join us in solidarity!


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