Vigil Call out: 3rd July 2018 – Julian Assange’s 47th Birthday

WikiLeaks has given the world a free depository of truthful information accessible to all, a rebel library of Alexandria. Julian Assange publishes WikiLeaks at great personal cost. Although we remember his sacrifice, at his birthday we celebrate the life of a man we admire and the many gifts he has brought to the world.

Join us in celebrating Julian Assange’s 47th Birthday between 5 and 8 pm outside the Ecuadorian Embassy on Tuesday 3rd of July. The nearest Tube station is Knightsbridge on the Piccadilly Line. Bring cakes, balloons, banners and posters and a hopeful and positive heart, let’s share the joy of hope that despite current difficulties he will prevail and re-gain his freedom soon.

Check out last year’s celebrations here.

In Solidarity

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