Vigil Call Out for Julian #Assange 16th of August 2018 – Political Asylum is a right not a crime

Renowned Human Rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson has recently said about Julian Assange “he is a person of very considerable principle and, actually, very considerable courage”.  On the 16th of August 2012, almost 6 years ago he was granted political asylum by the government of Ecuador to protect his life and Human Rights from US persecution. He remains inside Ecuador’s London Embassy for the last six years in limbo, and whilst the world is changing around him he stays constant in his heroic WikiLeaks publishing.

This August the 16th we call all Human Rights organisations in the UK, all NGO’s, political parties, independent politicians, and everyone else who values Human Rights ideals to stand in solidarity with Julian Assange outside the Ecuadorian Embassy between 6-8pm.

Julian Assange is a Messenger of Hope for humanity re-enforcing our deeply held belief in the West that through knowledge, education and true information about how our natural and social world works, how we are governed, how the strings of power are pulled and by whom and for whose benefit, we can improve our lives and the troubles that war, poverty, ignorance and greed breed in the societies we live. By standing up for him we stand up for our own hopes for our own future, protecting him from those who want to ‘kill the messenger’ both literally and figuratively.

From antiquity asylum was practiced and extended to heralds and messengers who had a sacred status and societies protected them. Insulting, injuring or killing an envoy carried the death penalty. Julian Assange has been a messenger to entire nations. The mere idea that powers are deployed to harm him is an anathema for anyone who aspires to a civilised society and rejects the barbarity we are capable of descending to, always to the detriment of millions.

Join us physically on the street where he lives and engage meaningfully in protecting the Human rights of a man who for so long has seen no sun or justice.

We ask the respect of his Human Rights, the ability to communicate both by phone/internet, receive visitors as well as to be given safe passage to access appropriate medical care, we demand his freedom.

In solidarity!


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