Solidarity Vigil Call out: 07/10/18 Celebrating #WikiLeaks 12th Birthday (4/10/06) #Unity4JDay

It is this time of the year again that in our solidarity with Julian Assange we are reminded of the wonderful work of WikiLeaks as its 12th Birthday (4 October 2006) is upon us.

Its editor is in effective isolation since 27th of March 2018, when his communications were restricted by Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno and he has been prevented from having visitors other than his lawyers. One more blow for the WikiLeaks organisation that despite adversity continues to publish truthful information in the public interest.

October 2016 celebrating 10 Years of WikiLeaks publishing outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, among supporters Peter Tatchell, Renata Avila, and Embassy Cat.

Like other years we shall gather outside the Ecuadorian Embassy to show our solidarity with WikiLeaks Editor, Julian Assange united more than ever in our demand for his freedom and safety and fully aware of his personal sacrifice.

Date: Sunday October 7th
Time: 2-4pm
Place: Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy
Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge
Transport: Nearest tube station Knightsbridge on the Piccadilly Line
Note to Drivers: Parking is free on Sundays

This year the #Unity4J movement is helping spread the word wider than ever that online and on the ground action in support of Julian Assange is vital in the fight for his freedom. We join the global actions for #Unity4JDay.

Join us!

In solidarity #FreeAssange

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1 Response to Solidarity Vigil Call out: 07/10/18 Celebrating #WikiLeaks 12th Birthday (4/10/06) #Unity4JDay

  1. pensive72 says:

    Why isn’t Julian Assange”s case referred to the World Criminal Court in the Hague? Or, is the WCC just another phony organization to support USA *Imperialism”. Where in Hell do honest people such as Julien Assange get justice? Another USA Puppet is calling the shots in Ecuador.

    The revelation of Holland funding terrorist groups to assist NATO and the USA in war crimes says it all!

    We the people have to rise up and stop these murdering Criminals.

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