Support of Julian Assange going strong through the end of 2018

Here are some of the action we took over the last months of 2018, our solidarity vigils continue Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3-5pm. Please join us in solidarity outside the Ecuadorian Embassy. For the Camden Catholic Worker 24/7 vigil outside the Ecuadorian Embassy please contact @CiaronOReilly.

20th of December 2018

Recently 36 of people’s elected representatives from 9 EU countries wrote to PM Theresa May, President Lenin Moreno and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres, expressing concern about Julian Assange’s health, condemning the recent threats by the Ecuadorian government for the termination of his political asylum, pointing out the decision by the UNWGAD to free Julian Assange. Two of them visited London and we went to support them.

German Parliamentarians Heike Haensel and Sevim Dagdelen from Die Linke made a statement of support for Julian #Assange of #WikiLeaks after seeing him inside the Ecuadorean Embassy. Sombre words sombre looks outside the Ecuadorian Embassy witnessing the UK government’s state power projected in crushing a publisher’s Human Rights in the heart of London, the World is Watching! We welcomed the politicians.

They were accompanied by John Shipton, the father of Julian Assange who travelled from Australia to visit his son over the festive season. He said: “It is time for this torment to end. His health is declining after years of ongoing stress, no sunlight and restricted access to visitors.” The members of Bundestag called on European governments to help break the deadlock and prevent any extradition to the US. They also accused the UK government of not taking steps to secure Assange’s future safety.

They said:

The United Nations said that his detention is against international law and against human rights. So therefore we, as German parliamentarians, are very afraid about these rumours we are getting about the Ecuadorian authorities, the administration that they want to get rid of Julian Assange, that they want to end his political asylum. We urge the Ecuadorian authorities to still keep this achievement alive, to say that Ecuador was, in a time where other Western countries didn’t want to stick up for the human rights and political asylum for journalists, publishers and editors, that Ecuador did this.

This was a great and big achievement. It was a good prestige for Ecuador and I hope the new authorities in Ecuador will still keep this line to protect people from persecution, to protect people from extraterritorial persecution, and to protect them against violations of freedom of speech and freedom of press.

The forever present MetPol was there to remind us all the power of the British State is active in retaining the status quo.

16th of December Christmas Vigil

Whilst still under restricted visitation regime that the special protocol imposed by the Moreno Administration Julian Assange started receiving some visitors, which cheered up many of the solidarity regulars. We called our annual Christmas vigil, sharing music, cakes and chanting our support at a time when we still wait the unsealing of US charges against the WikiLeaks founder.

No matter how many times we stand for justice for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks we remain determined to continue rain or shine in defence of his life and work!

20th of November – FOIR for WikiLeaks

On the 20th of November Investigative Journalist Stefania Maurizi invited us to her #Foia hearing on Kristinn Hrafnsson Sarah Harrison Joseph Farrell, which was held on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 at the East London Tribunal Hearing Center.  We joined the hearing in support of her very worthy efforts to unlock the mysterious MetPol operation into WikiLeaks. Lawyers Estelle Dehon and Jennifer Robinson represented her in her FOIA litigation at the London First-tier Tribunal to defend the right of the press to get the documents about 3 journalists who worked/have worked with Wikileaks

Watch here a presentation by Ms Maurizi at the Logan Symposium last month explaining her efforts to throw light into the Julian Assange case:

Documentary Filmmaker Niels Ladefoged has shared in twitter two short interviews with Stefania Maurizi and Barrister Estelle Mahon on the upcoming proceedings at the London Tribunal. You can watch them by following the links.

It was fascinating to attend the hearing and learn the arguments put forward attempting to  free the information.

The good news was that Ms Stefania Maurizi won her appeal and we should know in January more about the this fascinating case.

13th of November Action – The Music says it all

On the 13th of November musicians Alex Taylor and Roland performed for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks supporters outside the Embassy.

Alex Taylor playing music under the balcony of te Ecuadorian Embassy and on Langdon place.

It was wonderful to once again have to beautifully designed posters on display and so hapy to have @SomersetBean among us! His work is invaluable in providing the perfect means of projecting our messages of support to the passers by.

Another inspiring creation by Sabine @BeeBeeHoneyBee displayed here on Langdon Place and later on Hans Crescent, the effect is powerful and reminds us that keeping a candle burning for those who suffer is a simple but powerful act of solidarity. We helped Sabine as she put together her own tribute to Julian Assange, rows of beautiful candles both real and electric forming messages of solidarity and hope.

Roland on guitar and vocals together with Alex on the violin kept our spirits strong during the vigil, expressing with their music the beauty of the journey uniting people of all walks of life, Justice for Julian will prevail, we keep going! We are very grateful for the music, a generous gift, particularly as both travelled for hours to join our vigil!

Geoff led some beautiful chanting on the megaphone whilst we all joined his lead demanding the freedom of Julian Assange.

4th of November Action – #Unity4JDay

On Unity4JDay we gathered outside the Ecuadorian Embassy to mark 8 years from the release of ‘Cablegate’ 250 thousand US Diplomatic Cables released by WikiLeaks on 28th of November 2010. A letter writing campaign in support of Julian Assange was busy outside the Embassy of Ecuador. Several passers by stopped and joined us.

We enjoyed chanting: “UK US Moreno Hands off Assange” I hope our message is loud and clear as we stand in solidarity with the #WikiLeaks publisher outside his door at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

Cablegate remains the primary resource for the study of current political and diplomatic practice not only of the US hegemon but also its interlocutors. The world’s thanks go to  the brave whistleblower Chelsea Manning who after years of an ordeal now walks the streets free and to the amazing team of WikiLeaks whose publisher is still arbitrarily detained.

Despite the difficulties Julian Assange faces inside the Embassy and during his 8 and a half year ordeal, supporters remain positive for a final good outcome, the Freedom of Julian Assange!

Forever present the MetPol cover and overt operation to keep Julian Assange trapped inside the embassy is felt. Here a vehicle is blocking the entrance of Langdon Place.

Across the street from where our regular solidarity vigil congregates, Catholic Worker Ciaron O’Reilly has established a 24/7 vigil outside the Embassy due to heightened concern for the safety of Julian Assange. He is supported by the Camden Catholic Worker Group he founded earlier in 2018. Visit his Go Fund Me page to directly support his presence at Hans Crescent he tweets daily updates of his life in the street where Julian Assange lives.

His efforts continue through to the new year 2019 battling ill health and the elements.

07/10/2018 – 12th WikiLeaks Birthday

On the 4th of October 2018 we celebrated the 12th Birthday of WikiLeaks. Sharing food, music, chanting and news we expressed our solidarity and wished WikiLeaks many happy returns of the day! Here are some photos and video from the celebration.

Although the journey is long in solidarity with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks we know were we are going and at times we feel we are almost there.

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