Chelsea Manning reveals WikiLeaks Grand Jury subpoena

“I am not going to contribute to a process that I feel is dangerous and could potentially place me in a position where I am forced to backtrack on the truth,”

This is Chelsea Manning in her own words as reported by NYT Charlie Savage in relation to her  subpoena to the WikiLeaks Grand Jury.

The article reveals that she received the Grand Jury subpoena in January this year and that she has been asked to appear before the Eastern District of Virginia Court on March the 5th as a witness.

It revisits her statements during her trial that “No one associated with W.L.O.”…“pressured me into sending any more information,”…“I take full responsibility.”. Article asserts that these statements “would seemingly be helpful to the defense” and that Chelsea Manning “said she wondered if prosecutors wanted to try to get her to back away from it. She would not do so, she insisted, while criticising the secrecy that surrounds grand jury proceedings.”

Common Dreams reports that a US based Legal Defence Fund has been set up to fundraise for Chelsea Manning. You can donate here.

We stand in solidarity with Chelsea Manning as she faces new attempts to embroil her into  a legal process against all sense of justice!

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