Julian Assange writes from Belmarsh

Julian Assange has replied to Gordon Dimmack who recently wrote to him in Belmarsh prison. Please share widely his words from prison.

Thanks to Maxine Walker who has done the transcript we can read the letter here:

Thanks Gordon you are a good man.

I have been isolated from all ability to prepare to defend myself, no laptop, no internet, no computer, no library so far, but even if I do get access it will be just for half an hour with everyone else once a week. Just two visits a month and it takes weeks to get someone on the call list and the Catch-22 in getting their details to be security screened. Then all calls except lawyers are recorded and calls are a maximum 10 minutes and in a limited 30 minutes each day in which all prisoners compete for the phone. And credit? Just a few pounds a week and no one can call in.

The other side?

A superpower that has been preparing for 9 years, with hundreds of people and untold millions spent on the case. I am defenseless and am counting on you and others of good character to save my life.

I am unbroken, albeit literally surrounded by murderers, but, the days where I could read and speak and organize to defend myself, my ideals, and my people are over until I am free! Everyone else must take my place. The US government, or rather, those regrettable elements in it that hate truth, liberty and justice, want to cheat their way into my extradition and death, rather than letting the public hear the truth, for which I have won the highest awards in journalism and have been nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Truth, ultimately, is all we have.


Read More at The Canary:

As US seeks to crush media freedom, we all need to read Assange’s letter from prison

As US seeks to crush media freedom, we all need to read Assange’s letter from prison

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  1. Valerie says:

    He’s fully conceited. Denouncing his fellow inmates as, “murderers”. These “murderers” I’ve read, have petitioned the Governor to move him off the isolation wing, whereas, the journalists whose profession, he brags in the letter, have awarded him the highest accolades. He’s previously stated his dislike for journalism as an unworkable tool of communication. Yet, he now embraces it here as the media (those very journalists) are protesting his extradition on the basis as a threat to it’s freedom to publish against government interests. I mistrust Julian as he holds no convictions for long, which is revealed when you analyse his behaviour. It’s ruled by whatever assists him best at the time.

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