Julian Assange, public demonstration at Trafalgar Square against US extradition request

Julian Assange hasn’t been left behind by the Londoners. This was clearly visible today in Trafalgar Square, where human rights activists and supporters from the public met to reaffirm their “no” to the extradition of the Wikileaks publisher to the US.

Demonstration for Julian Assange in Trafalgar Square

Despite the fact that a group of democratic States, as highlighted yesterday by the UN Special Rapporteur on torture are ganging up to isolate, demonise and abuse Julian Assange, the public opinion is not showing support to what the UN expert defined “a collective persecution” and not even to the declarations of Jeremy Hunt or other politicians claiming that the UN experts are wrong.

Julian Assange’s supporters at Trafalgar Square

On the contrary, Assange’s supporters are growing in number, as confirmed by the curiosity and interest of the public in Trafalgar Square, where also random passers-by stopped to talk to the activists and ask for information, take videos and in many cases express support to the Julian Assange Defence Commitee.

Julian Assange’s supporters during the demonstration in front of the National Gallery

The lower interest registered before April and May’s events appears more likely to be connected to the aggressive campaign led against Assange in the last years than to some kind of indifference from the public. New supporters have been definitely stimulated to participate by the US decision to bring against Wikileaks founder the Espionage Act and by the mentioned statements of the UN Special Rapporteur, who urged “the collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!”.

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