Voices from the Free Assange protest at Trafalgar Square 1/6/19

On a beautiful Saturday 1st of June we answered the call of WL supporter Truman human and gathered at Trafalgar Square to protest Julian Assange’s incarceration at Belmarsh prison and raise our voices against US Extradition. Here are some videos from the day.

Our chants “US UK Hands Off Assange” “Free Free Julian Assange” competed with the sounds of a vibrant Trafalgar square.

Juan C Piedra spoke on behalf of the Ecuadorian Movement in the UK. He said:

On behalf of the Ecuadorians I want to apologise for the behaviour of the Ecuador President Lenin Moreno, I apologise for this. Thank you to all the groups that defend Julian Assange. this is the moment to say in every corner of the world the great injustices that are committed against Julian Assange. We will re-inforce the work and go out into the streets to give the necessary information about Julian Assange. This fight is for Julian Assange but also for the activists, journalists who today are persecuted for seeking the truth.

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