The WiseUp Action Facebook page to change name

A request has been submitted to Facebook in order for the Julian Assange Defence Commitee to obtain the possibility to change the name of its official page in the popular social media into a new one, able to be easily found by the users who search for our organisation online.

The current Facebook page, WL Solidarity Action London (where WL stands for Wikileaks) was created years ago as a platform where we could share the contents produced by our news website However, through the years our community has publicly defined itself as “Julian Assange Defence Commitee”, and this is the name people look for when they search for our official pages on Facebook and other social media.

Consequently, as soon as Facebook will approve the request, the name of our official page will be “Julian Assange Defence Commitee” and finding us will be much more easier for our readers and supporters. In particular, they won’t risk to end up in other pages that use similar key words in their names.

What won’t change is the name of the Julian Assange Defence Commitee’s website, which has always been

Therefore, our “re-branding” will concern only the social media pages, because that’s the sector where we need to make it easier for our supporters to find us and associate to the Facebook and Twitter pages the official name of our Commitee.

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Reporter and Human Rights Activist, member of the National Union of Journalists from 2015.
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