FOIA litigation appeal hearing, activists filled up the Court in support of Stefania Maurizi

The appeal hearing for the full access to the documents related to Julian Assange’s case has been held today at the Upper Tribunal, decision is expected on Friday

The Court officers said they were not expecting such a public for the FOIA litigation hearing where the Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi appealed in order to obtain the full access to Julian Assange’s case documents, denied in the previous hearing.

The jam packed Court lasted from 10:30 am to around 4pm with a 45 min break and it was an experience worth remembering as it seeks to make history in the FOIA litigation in this country. Will the court’s decision become a catalyst in unlocking the Julian Assange’s case as we know it today? Judge Mitchell promised to reach his decision by Friday this week. 

Here is a short video from outside the court.

This litigation is extremely important for the UK FOIA law and practice.  Here is


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