JADC members canvassing support for Julian Assange at UK political rally 25/07/2019

Thursday 25th 2019, 6-8pm Flyering at Parliament Square

Some of JADC members attending the protest at Parliament Square defying the rare heatwave to distribute flyers. Photo by @wendysone1

At these political interesting times we canvassed support for Julian Assange during an anti-government protest demanding Elections Now. Our campaign is above party politics but we recall that Alan Duncan, Junior Foreign Minister of this government boasted in his resignation letter this week that he “negotiated the eviction of Julian Assange from the Ecuador embassy, and then re-launched our relations with Ecuador itself” is the very man who has in the past called Julian Assange “a miserable little worm” behind the libel indemnity of the Houses of Commons.

Mr Corbyn has by contrast defined his party’s position on the matter with a tweet on the 11th of April, the day of Julian’s brutal arrest:

Fifty seven thousand people liked that message and in pursue of these people reaching out our hand to them, JADC members distributed information and engaged with the protesters who were as hoped, very welcoming.

Many thanks to the participants and to lovely Wendy Higazi @wendysone1 for the photos from yesterday’s action in support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

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