Canvassing support for Julian Assange at Young Socialists Summer Festival in Hoxton

Saturday 3rd of August we held an Information stall at Young Socialist Sumer Fair in ST. Johns Church in London’s Hoxton. It was a great family day out for the local people and we had a great time enjoying the atmosphere and engaging with the public explaining the latest developments with the US inditement of Julian Assange under the Computer Fraud Act and the Espionage Act of 1917 carrying a potential imprisonment of 175 years.

Many voiced their support and were well informed of the situation, calling his imprisonment a disgrace and an attempt to silence the organisation and do Julian Assange harm. A couple raised concerns that the Swedish case which has dominated the headlines over many years in the UK needed to be addressed but at the same time recognised that the US prosecution was not a good thing for anyone.

We shared the concerns we have about Julian Assange’s wellbeing and health status during his Belmarsh incarceration and the restrictive conditions they pose in his ability to defend himself. We also discussed the status of Chelsea Manning incarcerated in US prison refusing to give testimony to the US Grand Jury against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. He heroic and principled stand is a rare example of civic duty, opposing the entire system of Grand Jury that subverts the democratic rights of citizens.

This is a politicised case and that is why we need to act in a political manner as citizens to express our disatisfaction about the treatment this man has received during several years of persecution that Niels Melzer, Special Rapporteur for torture has described as Psychological torture perpetrated by four states in order to break his will.

We are very grateful for the warm welcome we received by the organisers, the Young Socialists at the fair and their assistance in galvanising support for our cause.

We keep up our efforts to canvass support in London. Please join us in spreading the word further and demand Freedom for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.

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