#WeAreMillions Campaign at Gavin MacFadyen Journalism Award ceremony for Julian #Assange – Belmarsh

On 27th September 2019 Julian Assange  was given the Gavin MacFadyen Journalism award for Extraordinary Courage and Self Sacrifice in the service of Truth by the Compassion in Care and The Whistler organisations, jointly.

After the award ceremony and rally that followed WikiLeaks supporter Claudia Cuartas organised the #WeAreMillions campaign in support of Julian Assange. The photo Campaign was launched by The Courage Foundation, from their website:

The Courage Foundation announces #WeAreMillions, a massive photo campaign to demonstrate global support for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.

We Are Millions features supporters holding signs to express simply and clearly why they are standing up for Julian Assange, whom the US seeks to punish for publishing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and military documents in 2010. Those releases exposed war crimes, uncounted civilian casualties and rampant corruption and abuse. The Trump Administration has brought 17 counts of Espionage against Assange, the first ever such charges for a journalist, threatening a lifetime in prison.

You can find Claudia’s work at her Google Photos Page. This is the third day of action on the #WeAreMillions campaign starting at solidarity actions at a JADC rally at Stratford and the Roger Waters live tribute to Julian Assange with John Pilger powerful speech event outside the Home Office and she has already produced over 100 photos. People are proud to pose for her camera in support of our hero publisher, journalist and online librarian Julian Assange. Enjoy her latest photos!

The campaign has had its first exhibition in Bergen Norway where it caused a storm when Media City caved to pressure from unnamed tenants, but that decision was overturned following widespread public outcry in support of the exhibition and free expression. By comparison outside Belmarsh prison whose walls stifle the voice of so many including the voice of Julian Assange, our action was carried out unimpeded.

A picture says a thousand words. In getting together as one, in our millions around the world we demonstrate our support for the WikiLeaks publisher whose courage and self-sacrifice projected the voice of so many whistleblowers over the years bring to light war crimes and corruption in public life, millions of stories that once revealed and told educate us about how the world works.

Join us #WeAreMillions :-) Thank you Claudia!

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